9 Urban Legends Of Women Eminem Secretly Dated (And 6 He Actually Did)

His rise to success took place in the ‘90s and in the 2000s, he would turn into one of the biggest stars in the industry. His success has been well-documented, however, we can’t say the same for his relationships. Aside from his failed marriage to ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott, we know very little when it comes to the rap star’s other relationships.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the more intriguing urban legends along with those that actually took place. The women in this article are all over the place from co-stars Eminem worked with on-set to random females from his management group.

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15 Secretly Dated - Gina Lynn

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According to Zimbio, there were rumors that the two dated back in 2003 when Lynn appeared in one of Eminem’s music video. The rapper has a history of putting women from the “other industry” in his music videos.

Lynn wouldn’t admit to the relationship and neither would Eminem. Though she did tell Rap Dirt that Matters was very polite during the shooting of the Superman video.

14 Secretly Dated - Sarah Ashley Toups

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She was known as the mystery woman online last year. Everyone was buzzing after a video of the two being intimate alongside one another went viral.

Sarah Ashley Toups, a model was later revealed to be the one alongside Eminem. However, it is said that it was all done in order to hype one of Eminem’s upcoming music videos – as you can imagine, that news was a major letdown.

13 Dated - Kimberly Scott

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We start with the obvious and that’s Eminem’s ex-wife, Michigan native Kimberly Anne Scott. The two shared a tumultuous relationship, to say the least. They tied the knot in 1999 only to separate once again in 2001.

They would finally separate for good in 2006. Since then, Scott has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

12 Secretly Dated - Tara Reid

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The timeline is a bit sketchy, however, it is believed that these two got together back in 2004. On a couple of occasions, Eminem would confirm this encounter between the two.

He even dropped some harsh lyrics about it during his Kamikaze single. Clearly, it is a brief relationship he wants to keep in the rear-view.

11 Secretly Dated - Brittany Murphy

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According to Rap Dirt, back in the early 2000s, the late Murphy would admit that the two did, in fact, share a relationship as they did on-screen during 8 Mile. However, it was all very brief and ultimately more of a fling than anything else.

Of course, given their on-screen chemistry, fans would have wanted a longer relationship between the two.

10 Dated - Kim Basinger

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This urban legend is a little awkward given that Basinger played the role of Eminem’s mom in the film 8 Mile. The rumors suggest that the two hit it off on the set and it would later lead to a relationship after the shooting of the film.

MTV sparked these rumors, though none of them would ever admit to such a relationship.

9 Secretly Dated - Tracy McNew

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Rumors of these two secretly dating began way back in 2008. Tracy is a lesser known female on the list, she was a part of Eminem’s management team behind the scenes, this according to Zimbio.

Given the amount of time they spent together, this rumored relationship does kind of make sense. Though again, it stayed strictly as a rumor throughout the years with none of the sides confirming or denying the allegations.

8 Dated - Kaya Jones

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According to Ranker, these two briefly dated. During Kaya’s interview with Bold TV, she would admit to bombarding both Eminem and Dr. Dre’s tour buses in the past.

Perhaps things didn’t end off one the greatest terms as Jones took a shot at Eminem via Twitter for some of his views... It wouldn’t be the first time a former partner takes a dig at the rap star.

7 Secretly Dated - Mariah Carey

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If this one is true, it would be quite the story given their ongoing heat against one another. The two took shots at each other for more than a decade. Finally, Carey would state that she wanted to make amends with the rapper.

Here’s where the story gets truly bizarre. In Eminem’s The Warning video, he would basically suggest that they dated for six months.

6 Dated - Karrine Steffans

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Karrine caused quite the stir when she opened up in relation to her past encounters with several celebs and rappers. Of course, on that list was Eminem. It is believed that the two had a brief fling, at least this according to Steffans.

She had several notable filings in the past including a brief one with NBA legend Shaq.

5 Secretly Dated - Britney Spears

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They were the breakout stars from the late '90s and success followed in the early 2000s. Given their antics, Spears and Eminem are constantly compared and some even say that they’re practically the same person.

Another urban legend would emerge that the two secretly shared a relationship during the early portion of the 2000s, this according to Who’s Dated Who.

4 Dated - Joy McAvoy

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This is another past relationship that is for the early 2000s. According to Miner 8, Joy admitted to this relationship – though Eminem wouldn’t confirm or deny any of it throughout the years.

The timeline is especially sketchy given that Matters was with his ex-wife at the time of the said relationship.

3 Secretly Dated - Marni Bright

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Per Zimbio, this private romance took place back in 2007 when the two grew close to one another working countless hours at the studio together in Michigan, back home.

What made this situation that much more intriguing was the fact that many linked Marni to Eminem’s ex-wife given their similar look.

2 Dated - Skylar Grey

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We can easily put this one on the rumored side of the list – though many believe these two really dated. They shared great chemistry on the stage and we can say the same for behind the scenes as Skylar got to know Eminem on a deeper level.

Back in 2011, she told NME that she felt sorry for Eminem given that he was scared to leave his house at the time. That’s deep info only those really close to Eminem know.

1 Secretly Dated - Nicki Minaj

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Back in 2018, both Eminem and Minaj fueled rumors that they were in fact secretly dating. The likes of CNN and Billboard were all over the story.

Minaj would even go on the record to claim that they were a couple while Eminem also did his thing to fuel these rumors even further.

Sources – Ranker, Zimbio & MTV

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