15 Women Who Actually Agreed To Date David Spade

David Spade rose to fame by starring in Saturday Night Live. He said that SNL was a tough place and that it aged him in dog years. After leaving SNL, Spade acted in sitcoms such as Just Shoot Me and began an illustrious movie career. One of his big movies from the early 2000s was Joe Dirt. He followed the success of that movie by starring in several movies opposite Adam Sandler such as Grown Ups and The Do-Over.

After Spade catapulted into the mainstream, several beautiful women took notice. He started dating some of the most alluring women who were on the big screen or strutting down catwalks. We delved into Spade's dating history to find out the beautiful women he dated.

15 Brittany Daniel

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It seems that some co-stars can't keep their hands off each other. Daniel played Spade's love interest in Joe Dirt.

The two took their romance off-screen and started dating. They shot Joe Dirt in 2001 but only started dating after Spade split up with Julie Bowen in 2003. The relationship ended the following year.

14 Naya Rivera

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Rivera started her career as a child actress by appearing in the short-lived sitcom the Royal Family. Rivera was only four years old at the time. Spade and Rivera met on the set of Mad Families.

It seems that they first met many years before on the set of 8 Simple Rules but ended up dating in 2017.

13 Charlotte McKinney

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After the success of the first Joe Dirt, Spade filmed the sequel. Not only did Spade date his co-star from the first movie, but he also continued the tradition by getting together with McKinney.

Apparently, McKinney didn't mind dating men much older since Spade is almost 30 years her senior.

12 Pamela Anderson

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One of the biggest, blonde bombshells of the '90s was Pamela Anderson. Spade isn't the only one who has an impressive dating resume, as Anderson has dated numerous men.

Rumors of Spade and Anderson dating started emerging around 2007. It must've been a quick fling. Who can blame Spade for going after Anderson?

11 Ivy Levan

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After ending things with Naya Rivera, Spade went after Ivy Levan. She is a singer, model and actress from Bentonville, Arkansas. Height or age doesn't seem to matter when you have the hots for someone since Levan is taller and much younger than Spade.

You gotta give Spade credit for luring beautiful women.

10 Julie Bowen

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Before starring in Modern Family, Bowen had film roles in Happy Gilmore and Horrible Bosses. She has also starred in Lost and Boston Legal. According to The Talko, Bowen started dating Spade in 2002.

Their relationship lasted for a year before Bowen went onto marry Scott Phillips in 2004. They got divorced in 2018.

9 Krista Allen

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Spade and Allen started by dating and almost ended up in court. Allen came to the public's eye when she starred in Days of Our Lives. They dated in the early 2000s, but once the two broke up, Allen went after Spade with a lawsuit.

She wanted to sue him for starring in a program that she claimed was her idea.

8 Heather Locklear

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Locklear gained a lot of fame in the early 2000s by starring in programs such as Spin City and The Perfect Man. Her '90s roles included starring in Melrose Place and Going Places.

Locklear started dating Spade after she divorced from her ex-husband Richie Sambora in 2006. They dated for a few months.

7 Padma Lakshmi

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Some things last briefly. Whatever Lakshmi and Spade had, it didn't last for long. It looks like the Top Chef star and Spade went on a few dates, but things between them fizzled out quickly.

Well, that's a recurring theme with most of the women who Spade dated. Lakshmi was married to Salman Rushdie from 2004 until 2007.

6 Nicollette Sheridan

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Desperate Housewives fans will remember Sheridan for playing Edi Britt. Things didn't end well for Sheridan on that set as she filed a lawsuit against the program's creator Marc Cherry.

Sheridan and Spade were spotted together often but never came out to officially state that they were together. The two were cozy around 2009.

5 Kristy Swanson

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Swanson got a big break in the early '90s by starring in the cult film Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It seems that Spade and Swanson met on the set of Joe Pesci's movie 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag in 1997.

After the shooting for the film ended, the two got cozy and started dating.

4 Jillian Grace

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One of the models that Spade dated was Jillian Grace. She got a break when Howard Stern sent her photo to Hugh Hefner, who featured her in Playboy.

Spade liked what he saw when he looked at Grace so much that the two of them had a daughter, Harper Spade. They aren't dating but do get together for family outings.

3 Jasmine Waltz

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Waltz is a reality TV star who took part in Celebrity Big Brother. She also starred along Spade in the Joe Dirt sequel. Waltz also starred on the sitcom Rules of Engagement and had roles in movies such as All-Star Weekend and Black Water.

Her other roles include starring opposite Paris Hilton in Pledge This.

2 Caprice Bourret

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The former model, turned entrepreneur, has been the dream girl for many men. It seems that when you have stardom and money like David Spade, it's possible to date tall blondes. The two of them dated in 2002.

Since then, Caprice moved to England to run her company, By Caprice.

1 Nicky Whelan

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Judging by Spade's choice of women, he seems to have a thing for blondes. Who can blame him? Whelan started her career on the Australian soapie Neighbors before making a move to Hollywood to star in From Dusk till Dawn and other roles.

Spade and Whelan never confirmed their relationship but were spotted together for several years.

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