15 Women Who Actually Agreed To Date John Mayer

He may be a musical sensation, but John Mayer is also quite the heartbreaker. He has won over many hearts, but also broke many of them, and you may be wondering “how?” Yes, Mayer has dated some of the hottest ladies in Hollywood.

We, along with Hollywood, like to use the alias “serial dater,” for John Mayer. And the singer is not even ashamed to share the high number of women he has gone to bed with. All we know is, we feel bad for Mayer’s next victim because he comes with a whole lot of baggage.

However, women flock over so easily to the smooth Mayer, who probably serenades them with love ballads. And, surprisingly, there’s quite a list of Hollywood ladies who got him to settle down - for a little. If you don’t know anything about the women that gave it a go with the musician, here’s his infamous track record.

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15 Katy Perry Kissed Mayer And Liked It

via Billboard

It turns out that Katy Perry not only kissed a girl and liked it but also smooched John Mayer and locked him down.

After Perry called it quits with Russell Brand, she formed a relationship with a man she would exchange love letters with - aka John Mayer. The two had a bumpy relationship for about three years, but Perry eventually came to her senses.

14 Kim Kardashian, Yes

via Instagram

Mayer dated Kim K? There is just no way!

Long before the social media queen broke the Internet, she was holding Mayer’s hand while out and about. Although Kim K and Mayer never came forward about their supposed relationship, the rumors were evidently true. Two celebrities do not go to parties together if they’re not an item, right?

13 Taylor Swift And He Were An Item

via E! News

Poor Swift, we know the songstress wrote a song about another man who broke her heart!

Mayer added himself to her “guys who broke my heart” list, but Swift made it evident it was for him when she released the song titled, “Dear John.” They dated in 2009, but Swift’s heart just can’t catch a break.

12 The Dreamy Jennifer Aniston

via Yahoo

Another surprising leading lady on Mayer’s track record is the Friends star, Jen Aniston! It is safe to say that every man on Earth would die to date Aniston, and this dude did. We don’t know how Mayer gets these stunning ladies, but he must cast a spell.

For a year, the two had an on-again-off-again relationship, and she’s surely the one that got away.

11 Minka Kelly Way Back

via Popsugar

Who swooped up Derek Jeter’s ex? John Mayer, of course.

Although the pair looked like they were a bunch of cheeseballs when together, it was another one of Mayer’s failed relationships. The Friday Night Lights alumn managed to last one year with the womanizer.

10 Jessica Simpson’s Rebound

via Jezebel

Avid fans of the bombshell singer who sported Daisy Dukes so effortlessly may recall that she was stuck to Mayer like glue.

Simpson, who was then a brunette, started dating Mayer after her public divorce from Nick Lachey. That relationship ended up falling through, too, but Mayer was not shy to openly talk about their encounters in bed.

9 The Lucky Man And Jennifer Love Hewitt

via E! News

Is there any woman in Hollywood that Mayer has not laid his eyes on? Actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt, was one of his victims.

The “Your Body Is a Wonderland” singer was not well-known when he was going gaga over Hewitt. The couple dated for a year, but he made sure to dedicate a song to the woman he was in love with.

8 Vanessa Carlton Would’ve Walked A Thousand Miles

via Pinterest

In the early 2000s, both Carlton and Mayer were climbing the charts with their catchy tracks. While they were making way towards successful careers, the two dated.

Their love affair did not last over a year, which seems to be Mayer’s dating time frame. She may have walked a thousand miles to see him, but she got dumped.

7 Cameron Diaz Did For A Little

via Latina

Mayer just cannot be alone!

Right after he and Simpson called it off, he jumped on the dating train and hunted down the beautiful, Cameron Diaz. Mayer just seems to always have the perfect timing, as Diaz had just broken up with Justin Timberlake. Mayer comes in like he’s Superman, but it never lasts.

6 Maybe Miley Cyrus Will Go Back To Mayer

via Flickr

Now that Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are no longer together, maybe Cyrus will link up with a former fling again.

Cyrus who was experiencing hard times before Hemsworth came around, actually dated Mayer for some time right before. It was brief, and we know Katy Perry was not happy with it.

5 Mayer Even Caught Rashida Jones’ Attention

via Tumblr

Mayer is the King of casual flings! Rashida Jones is a woman of confidence, and Mayer, without a doubt, wanted a piece of that.

In between all his romances, he found room for Quincy Jones’ daughter and the tabloids knew about it. The two were spotted out and about on numerous occasions – it obviously didn’t last.

4 MUA, Reena Hammer, Gave It A Go

via Thecelebscloset

Within the 500+ women Mayer has been with, there are some normies. We don’t know if he gets a kick out of breaking hearts, and we don’t know how he manages to get all the ladies, either.

Well, makeup artist, Reena Hammer, came along in 2010, and Mayer did not miss out on his opportunity. The two Brits were cute together, but their relationship was short and sweet.

3 Rhona Mitra Was Also One Of His Ladies

via Instagram

We’re now convinced that Mayer has been with every gorgeous lady on the planet! Mayer always bounces back on his feet quickly, and after his split from Hewitt, he made a move on Hewitt’s co-star, Mitra.

It was a shady move, it worked, and there was just no hiding their fling.

2 We Don’t Believe Scheana Marie Dated Him Either

via Us Weekly

Mayer also has a thing for denying certain relationships and hook-ups, but we don’t know why he wouldn’t want to be associated with this steamy babe!

Scheana Marie, who you may recognize from Vanderpump Rules, had an intimate history with the singer. And you know by now how that ended.

1 It Appears That Renee Zellweger Did

via Vogue

Mayer has had some secret relationships, and the one with Renee Zellweger was one of them.

Although they all end up slipping out, his romantic affair with the stunning Zellweger, was not a highly publicized one. It happened back in 2011, and it was awfully brief.

Source: MSN

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