18 Workout Photos Of Danica Patrick NASCAR Wouldn't Want Us To See

She changed NASCAR forever. Patrick was a polarizing figure since her start in the sport. Lots of drivers weren’t pleased with her PR tactics, especially with the likes of Go Daddy. Not to mention some steamy shoots with other magazines like SI.

Ultimately, she got more eyeballs to the sport, which is really what matters. Despite calling it a career, fans won’t forget her impact – becoming a trailblazer in the sport.

She moved on since calling it a career. One of her favorite things to do these days is it hit the gym, whether it be embarking on a brutal workout filled with circuits or a difficult yoga session with some impossible positions. In this article, we’ll feature both. These are pics NASCAR would rather we didn’t see. Enjoy!

18 Pic Time

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Since her days came to an end with NASCAR, Patrick’s putting a lot of work in off the track, in the weight room. Yes, she loves yoga but Patrick also loves a good workout.

She loves to perform bodyweight circuits - that can definitely get the sweat going in a hurry.

17 Developing The Gluts & Hams

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She posted this photo to her IG story – oddly enough, the movement, according to Patrick, aids in both glute and hamstring development. We definitely believe her, given that stunning physique.

She also claims that the abs are also a big target on the machine. She’s got it all, including insane flexibility.

16 Handstand

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She’s pulling a handstand in the pic above, a movement that takes a serious amount of both strength and mobility. Lifting weights is one thing, but being agile and mobile is a different animal on its own.

Stretching is a big part but Danica’s yoga practice after all these years, has also made such movements so easy for her.

15 Yoga Moves

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We’re watching her yoga moves intensely, especially given her stunning white outfit of choice. She almost looks God-like with such attire.

She started yoga way back in the early 2000s, as a way to rehab, she would also meet her ex-husband during the same time period. The practice was definitely a blessing in her career.

14 Working It On The Sand

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Patrick also loves to travel. Heck, early on in her relationship with Aaron Rodgers, the two took a secret trip down south.

She loves the beach and what better what to enjoy the sunlight than performing some yoga movements? That’s Patrick’s true happiness, which is on full display in this pic that’s steamy for more than a couple of reasons.

13 Strength & Balance

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She has the perfect blend of both strength and balance – something that isn’t the easiest to achieve and takes a lot of repetition and hard work.

She’s able to lift herself with the rings, which looks a lot easier than it is. We also get a glimpse of the lower back tattoo, which is a rarity as well.

12 Bicep Day

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A tip to all the ladies out there, don’t be scared to hit those biceps. Patrick knows that all too well, as does the likes of J-Lo.

It’ll blast the fat off those arms and don’t worry about getting too bulky, that’s more dependent on what you eat than anything else.

11 Down But Not Out

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We all have these grueling types of workouts, especially when we’re feeling up for it. Danica is completely gassed after an intense workout session.

We assume Rodgers feels the same way when he steps in the gym with his partner Danica. She’s an absolute beast.

10 More Sweat

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Unlike lots of others, Danica isn’t afraid to pull a sweat. When she enters the gym, staying dry goes out of the window especially when she’s working out in warmer climates.

She especially enjoys the outdoor workouts and it is easy to understand why - enjoying the beauty of nature while being physically active is a winning combo.

9 Deadlift Day

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She’s got the glutes retracted and the legs upright, she must be performing a stiff-legged deadlift, working the hamstrings especially. That’s evident just by looking at the photo, her hams look to be absolutely shredded to the bone. She doesn’t have much body fat.

8 Organized

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By the looks of this pic, it really shows that Danica isn’t messing around. Heck, some might argue that she takes her fitness more seriously than she did NASCAR back in the day... Let’s just say that’s debatable...

She has quite the workout ahead of her, that's a lot of reps and sets.

7 Flying Without Wings

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If only Danica smiled like that during her NASCAR days. In fact, it was usually the very opposite, especially when it came to disputes with other drivers.

Patrick got in more than a few throughout her career. Heck, other drivers would even claim that she used an unfair weight advantage... yikes.

6 Insane Flexibility

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Let’s take a second and reflect on this picture. Okay, now, let’s try to imagine doing the same thing, with our legs inverted that way, flexible enough to touch the top of our heads...

Okay, yea, that’s likely not going to happen and we can’t picture a single NASCAR driver pulling this off either.

5 Focused

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She’s purely focused in the pic above. Give her IG account a quick scroll and it’ll become evident that she has a lot of similar pics. Heck, most wouldn’t even think she was a racecar drive at all given the content via IG.

She has a following of over 700K fans and it should be even more with such posts.

4 Exhausted

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Danica must’ve had the same look and expression once she officially called it a career with NASCAR. She went through several ups and downs during her career.

She never won any races but she gave the sport a broader audience, lots of fans tuned in for Danica specifically, she’ll always be regarded as a trailblazer in the sport.

3 Stretching Queen

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These types of movements don’t happen overnight. Danica put in a lot of hard work in order to reach her goal. She’s extremely determined in the pic above, showing off her insane flexibility once again. Driving in a car creates a lot of stiffness to the body – Danica definitely conquered that frontier a long time ago.

2 In House Training

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The great part about yoga and bodyweight exercises is how easy it can be done. No need to hit the gym, just get a mat and pull off the movements in the comfort of your own home.

That’s what Patrick does on the regular, taking to her home gym or even at times, going outdoors.

1 Workout Complete

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Nothing better than completing a workout, knowing you gave it your absolute all. Danica definitely has that sentiment in the pic above, sweating from her hard work and determination.

She just keeps getting better with age, both physically and heck even mentally. She will be missed on the race track, that’s for certain.

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