10 Of The World's Creepiest Cemeteries That Are Definitely Haunted

Cemeteries exist so that those who have passed on have a place to rest. However, some of these locations are not very peaceful or restful. Frightening pieces of art, legends surrounding curses, supernatural sightings such as glowing lights, moving tombstones, and chilling voices. Those who can't get enough of scary stories may want to add these 10 graveyards to their bucket lists! Some house notable names, a few have breathtaking sculptures, and all of them are so creepy that they must be haunted!

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10 Graceland Cemetery In Chicago

Via: Weekend Sightseer

Graceland Cemetery is located in Chicago, and it is set up like a park - secluded from the rest of the city with brick walls and old trees. It can seem sort of peaceful, but the elaborate designs put into some of the graves found here also makes this place seem very creepy. There’s a tombstone with braille on it, one that features a statue of a woman looking into a reflecting pool and Inez Clarke’s grave, which contains, inside a glass box, a life-like statue of this young girl who was apparently struck by lightning. She may come to life during storms. Her ghost may roam about the cemetery. Or she may stay put in her box since the real highlight of Graceland Cemetery is the Eternal Silence sculpture, pictured above...Yikes.

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9 Capuchin Crypt In Rome

Via: Nomad Travellers

The Capuchin Crypt is made up of several tiny chapels underneath one church - Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini in Rome, Italy. The remains of nearly 4,000 bodies can be found here, which are thought to be Capuchin friars, buried in soil from Jerusalem. When more monks of the church died, those that had been buried the longest were exhumed to make room for new bodies. Oh, yes, and five of the six rooms in this place (with names such as Crypt of the Skulls, Crypt of the Pelvises and Crypt of the Leg Bones and Thigh Bones) is decorated with human bones. There’s even a plaque that contains an actual heart of a supporter of the Capuchin order.

8 Bachelor's Grove Cemetery In Chicago

Via: Pinterest

Here is another one in Chicago. Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is one of the most haunted sites in the U.S. People have reported seeing orbs, lights, hooded ghostly figures, and even a black dog that would appear and disappear. What is even creepier than all of that is that the Bachelor's Grove cemetery may or may not have been a dumping ground for those who were killed by organized crime families, like Al Capone's, in the 1920s and 1930s.

7 Howard Street Cemetery In Salem

Via: Pinterest

Salem, Massachusettes, on its own, is a pretty neat and frightening place. So is Howard Street Cemetery, one of three cemeteries that are significant to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. This one is said to be where Giles Corey was taken to be pressed to death. Of course, this place is probably crawling with ghosts of that time – just look at it!

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6 Highgate Cemetery In London

Via: Wikipedia

The Victorian architecture draws people to Highgate Cemetery, as do the gravesites of Karl Max and Michael Faraday. But, tourists, beware. Apparently, a vampire lurks at this site! Rumors of the Highgate Vampire first surfaced when a group of young people, interested in the occult, visited the cemetery. David Farrant, one of the visitors who spent the night there in 1969, said he saw a supernatural grey figure. Later, when he asked his friends if they saw this supposed vampire, they all said they saw and heard everything from a tall man in a hat and a woman in white to bells ringing and voices calling. Vampire or not, this place seems haunted!

5 Stull Cemetery In Kansas

Via: Wikia

There's a legend surrounding Stull, an unincorporated community in Kansas. According to the legend, the town's cemetery is possessed by demonic forces. In November 1974, an issue of The University Daily Kansan said that the devil appeared in Stull twice a year – on Halloween and on the spring equinox – meaning that this cemetery is one of the seven gates to hell. Nowadays, cops heavily patrol the area, arresting those who trespass. Nevertheless, this location has been featured in films, songs, and shows like Supernatural. This has caused more people to go and visit the site in hopes of seeing the devil himself!

4 Stamps Cemetery In Tennessee

Via: YouTube

This cemetery just looks haunted and its location makes it even creepier! Stamps Cemetery, better known as The Witches' Graveyard, is located in the backwoods of Tennessee. It's hidden, it's old, and it's filled with pentagrams. Plus, two of the graves at this site is shaped like tents, with two slabs of rock covering up buried bodies. Of course, they have pentagrams on them and rumors say that a nearby boarding house had a pentagram painted on it. This means a coven of witches probably lived there and probably did all kinds of American Horror Story-inspired stuff here!

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3 Haworth Cemetery In England

Via: Travel Blog

Haworth Cemetery is England is notable for a couple of reasons. The Bronte sisters rest here, and it is haunted – of course. The headstones here boast some super old dates, as well as dates showing te many of the buried were under the age of six when they died. The medical field was not very advanced at this time and due to not knowing about illnesses, many passed away at early ages. That being said, people have claimed to see ghosts in this haunted and famed location in England!

2 Rock Creek Cemetery In Washington, D.C.

Via: Sandstead

Some places are not scary due to legends, but just due to how they look – like Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington, D.C. It has been around since 1719 and it is another one of those that serve as both a cemetery and a public park. It is also full of many notable mausoleums, sculptures, and tombstones, including the Adams Memorials, which features a hooded figure sitting at a grave, and Rabboni, one of the scariest sculptures on earth. The sculpture depicts Mary Magdalene in long robes and a cape.

1 Lake View Cemetery In Cleveland

Via: Atlas Obscura

This last graveyard has a legend and a scary sculpture –double the trouble! Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland houses 95,000 burial sites, including that of James A. Garfield the 20th president of the United States. He may have liked this article because of his reported fascination with the supernatural. This caused him to partake in seances and predict his own death. He was shot by a disturbed man in July 1881 and he apparently knew about his killer and his killer beforehand. He also apparently stuck around for 2 1/2 months before ever dying! As he was dying, though, his spirit left his body and wandered about Lake View Cemetery – something it still does to this day. It's just as creepy as this cemetery's Haserot's Angel, also known as The Angel of Death Victorious, which appears to be crying black tears.

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