10 Of The Smallest Things In The World

Bigger is better is a saying that everyone knows. We tend to buy in bulk, instead of buying an individual item. Other people simply like to live in a house with thirty rooms because they like living large. Though, "big" doesn’t guarantee that something is better.

Even though something is small, that doesn't mean that it can't be interesting. Puppies and baby chicks, for example, are pretty darn cute. Small things can be easy to carry, like a cellphone. The bottom line is that tiny objects rule, especially when they're miniaturized versions of things we use in our daily lives.

10 A Handful Of Mini Soda Cans

In recent years, leading pop brands have started selling pop cans that are slimmer and smaller. Of course, we think they’re adorable to look at and decide to buy them anyway. Plus, these cans can fit just about anywhere, allowing you to take them to work for lunch. Though we never realized just how small a soda can get. Those are the smallest pop cans ever! Do they even have calories?

9 Playing On A Nintendo Switch Using One Finger

Like most items from the 80’s, gaming systems were big and bulky. The 1985 Nintendo Gaming Console, known widely as the NES, was a just a huge box. Thankfully today’s gaming systems come in a sleeker and smaller style. Some Nintendo products even come in portable sizes and are great for taking on the go. This version of Nintendo, however, is one of the smallest hand-held consoles we’ve seen. It could probably fit in our wallets.

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8 A Very Special Delivery

Delivering mail isn’t anything like it was back in the olden days. Now that we have post offices, we can deliver mail anywhere in the world without leaving our homes. Transportation has made mailing faster and simpler. We can deliver really big mailing packages or small ones. This miniature package is the tiniest of them all. The post office must have flexible restrictions on weight and size.

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7 Very Very Light Reading

Flipping through a newspaper or a magazine can kill time. Whether we're waiting for our appointment at a doctor's office or a car repair shop, reading something keeps the boredom away. Most people prefer to read large, leafy newspapers, but this person has taken things down a notch. In their finger lies a tiny newsprint, the same one from the original that's sitting off in the background. Talk about light reading!

6 This Solar-Powered Car Is Now A Kids Toy

Little boys love playing with toy cars. Toy stores usually sell drivable cars for children, many which include Hummers and Escalades. These toy cars operate very much like a real vehicle as they have pedals, a steering wheel, and, most importantly, a functioning battery. But this little mini car doesn’t need any of those fancy things. Much like the real solar-powered car, this toy version operates with the energy it collects from the sun. This would be a great way to make science fun for kids.

5 Playing Chess Set Just Got Harder

Chess is a game of strategy. It’s all about predicting the next move of your opponent and knowing when to strike at the right moment. Playing on a regular size chest board is hard, but the stakes are higher when we’re on a smaller playing field. Just so we know how small the board really is, the owner has put two coins on either side of it. Good luck playing with those tiny chest pieces, if you can even pick them up.

4 A Flower That Looks Like Duckweed

When we think of flowers we naturally think of roses and sunflowers, which are moderate sized plants. There are some species of flower that are small, but this one takes the cake. The Wolffia, often mistaken as duckweed, is the smallest flower known to mankind. It weighs about as much as two grains of sand and is smaller than the grooves of a human fingerprint! This plant may be small, but the flower is a good food source for both fish and humans.

3 The Tiny Saw That Could

Usually used for basic home renovations, circular saws are in every handyman’s toolbox. Be sure to wear gloves and safety glasses if you use one because wood dust tends to fly everywhere. Most importantly, always keep your hands away from the saw blade. Of course, we’re referring to a regular hand-held saw. This little guy might give you a paper-cut. Though it has the appearance of a toy, this saw is an actual functional handy tool. We’re not sure how it would hold up against a block of wood, but it sure is cute.

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2 A Microscopic Teddy Bear

As children, some of us were accustomed to sleeping with a stuffed animal. Most kids would name their stuffed animals because, at that age, everything has to have a name. Teddy bears are the very toys we went to sleep with and had tea parties with. While we prefer large plush bears, we can make an exception for this tiny teddy bear. These miniature teddys come in a variety of colors, not just brown. How creative is that! That stitch work must’ve taken hours.

1 Teeny Tiny Frog

While our earliest recollection of a frog stems from the fairy tale of the Princess who kissed the frog, that is not an accurate description of the amphibian. Frogs are not all the same and in fact, they come in a variety of sizes. For instance, the largest known frog today is the Goliath Frog found in Cameroon. This amphibian is about a foot long and weighs 3.3kgs. Just as there are large frogs, smaller species exists, too. Some, like this one, can even be less than an inch, making them the tiniest frogs in the world!

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