The 20 Worst Things Goku Did To The Women In His Life

Goku’s known for a lot of things, with a few prominent examples being his seemingly bottomless appetite, his inexplicably worsening stupidity, and the regularity in which he saves the world by transcending the limits of his strength and utilizing his potent fighting abilities.

Something Goku is not known for, however, is treating the women in his life appropriately, especially those who are closest to him.

We’re by no means accusing Goku of being a misogynist, woman-hater or anything like that, but the amount of times he’s been at the worst of his worst around women is staggeringly high.

So, with our list of the 20 worst things Goku did to the women in his life, we’re examining the most excruciatingly awful moments in which Goku gave men across the globe a bad name.

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20 He Let His Oldest Friend's Husband Turn Back Into A Homicidal Maniac

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Vegeta’s turn from callous villain to lovable frenemy is the stuff of legends, and his relationship with Bulma is delightfully heartwarming and bizarre all at once.

Enter Goku, who has a penchant for causing immense turmoil, and things turn sour fast.

During the Buu Saga, Goku essentially let Vegeta revert back to his evil self and then failed to put an end to things in a way that would prevent the Saiyan Prince from sacrificing his life.

19 Manipulating The U7 Saiyans Into Becoming Monsters

Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Caulifla Energy Deflect
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Dragon Ball Super’s “explanation” of turning into a Super Saiyan is ridiculous and caused a lot of ire for longtime fans, but it is what it is.

Transformation mechanics aside, Goku manipulating his Universe 7 Saiyan adversaries into becoming ultra-powerful monsters wasn’t a good idea.

To start, he hardly knows these people, and, worse yet, he gave them a taste of the taste of next-level power when they had only just mastered Super Saiyan a short time prior.

Who knows what kind of Pandora’s Box he opened with this selfish pursuit of a worthy fight.

18 Constantly (And Cruelly) Makes Fun Of Bulma

While ribbing between friends has likely existed since the dawn of time, we’d hardly call Goku’s insults towards Bulma as “good-natured jabs.”

Whether its commenting on her looks, her age, or her perceived inadequacies, Goku comes off more like a jerk with no-filter than anything else, and it’s embarrassingly terrible.

17 He Fails To Contribute To The Household

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For a guy who stays in peak condition at all times, Goku is ridiculously lazy. So lazy, in fact, that he won’t even help contribute to the household. ChiChi slaves away with cooking, cleaning and raising their children, but Goku can’t be bothered to participate.

Heck, Goku won’t even hold down a steady job because of his selfishness and laziness. ChiChi deserves so much better.

16 He Was Responsible For Ruining Bulma’s Relationship

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Alright, we’ll admit that it isn’t totally Goku’s fault that Yamcha bit the big one in the battle against the Saiyans, but maybe if Goku hadn’t have been a lazy fool, gotten distracted by Princess Snake, and spent a good chunk of his time in Hell, he would have been back soon enough to prevent Yamcha’s untimely demise and spare Bulma the agony of a deceased lover.


15 He Subjected ChiChi To A Lifetime Of Anxiety

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The admirable ChiChi is a loyal wife and dutiful mother who would give her life to protect her family… and this selflessness is paid back with a lifetime of tortuous anxiety thanks to her bone-headed husband.

While Goku goes off to fight god-like enemies, often dragging the reluctant Gohan with him, ChiChi is left to toil in endless anxiety, wondering if the family she is so protective of will come back in one piece, if at all.

14 He Gives ChiChi Mountains Of Dishes To Clean

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Compared to other entries on this list, leaving a mountain of dishes for ChiChi to clean doesn’t seem like that big a deal, but it’s still incredibly rude.

If Goku is going to eat as much as he does, the very least he could would be to help clean up his disgusting mess.

The look of despair on ChiChi’s face every time she has to do the dishes speaks volumes.

13 He Stole More Than A Few Peeks At Bulma

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When Goku was a lad, he saw Bulma naked on more than a few occasions.

Obviously, that could be chalked up to him being a dumb kid with no concept of personal space or basic etiquette, but things get a little weirder when he’s a grown man in Dragon Ball Super, and he basically admits that he’s seen her naked a few more times without her knowing.

12 Repeatedly Disregards Everything ChiChi Asks Of Him

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ChiChi has a lot of a patience for Goku and his unbearable antics, so you’d think that he would return the favor the favor by going out of his way to do something nice for her or, for once in his life, do something she asks of him… but no, he never does.

She has begged him on a number of occasions to do (or NOT do) something specific, and Goku simply disregards the request before heading off and doing his own thing.

Real nice.

11 He Brought His Granddaughter On A Dangerous “Adventure”

Pan Para Para Boogie
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When the Black Star Dragon Balls turned Goku back into a kid (and then threatened the existence of Earth) it was up to him to set things right in a galaxy-spanning adventure. For this all-important quest, he recruited Trunks and Pan to help him out.

That said, was taking your young granddaughter on an intergalactic journey fraught with unknown perils the best option?

We don’t think so.

10 He Was Responsible For Buu Eating All Of Them


The Buu Saga is frustrating for a number of reasons, but one of the most painful facts is that the entire situation could have been avoided if Goku opted to work just a little bit harder.

As it stands, Goku’s inaction caused Buu’s resurrection and, by proxy, that makes him responsible for Buu for turning the women in his life into chocolate and gobbling them up.

9 Constantly Thrusts His Son Into Mortal Danger Against His Wife's Wishes

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ChiChi asks very little of Goku, but when it comes to her beloved son Gohan, she tries to be more stern regarding her demands, specifically when it comes to keeping the budding scholar safe.

So what does Goku do? He takes Gohan and ruthlessly thrusts him into battles that are so brutal, countless lives are lost in an instant.

8 Recklessly Threatened The Existence Of The Multiverse

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Remember that time Goku reminded the notoriously lackadaisical Omni-King about throwing a fighting tournament that would result in the annihilation of entire universes?

While it could be argued that this particular action doesn’t amount to a specific “wrong” committed against the women in Goku’s life, it was still a major threat that put their very existences into jeopardy, so we’re sticking with it.

7 Went Off And Got Himself Slain… Multiple Times

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Some might describe Goku as a “selfless hero” who would sacrifice himself in an instant if it meant protecting those he cared about. While that’s certainly a valid point of view, others might say that Goku has a martyrdom complex, and that’s what causes his reckless acts of self-sacrifice.

Regardless of the reasoning behind these actions, Goku has repeatedly tossed his life away which, in turn, puts ChiChi through the agony of experiencing a brutal loss far more times than anyone should ever experience.

6 Let An Alien Demon Raise ChiChi’s Son

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Alright, so maybe Goku didn’t “let” Piccolo raise Gohan after he gave his life to defeat Raditz, but that doesn’t change the fact that his absence was what led to the kidnapping and torture of his child.

So, not only did ChiChi have to grieve the loss of her foolhardy husband, but she had to deal with her son being stolen from her by arguably the most malevolent force of evil on Earth. Worse yet, Goku doesn't seem to mind that his son was taken away from his mother for a year.

5 He Inexplicably Didn’t Train Pan Properly

Dragon Ball GT Pan Energy Blast
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If you’re going to take your admittedly gifted Granddaughter on a trip through the cosmos that will likely be a life-threatening and harrowing experience, the very least you could do is train her enough to fully master her potential… and yet Goku doesn’t do this.

Pan is definitely powerful, but Goku arguably spent more time training a literal stranger, Uub, than his own flesh-and-blood, and that’s a disservice to not just her, but his entire family.

4 Abandoned His Family For Uub

Dragon Ball Goku Uub Flying
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The worst part of DBZ’s ending is that Goku decides to go off gallivanting with Uub, a kid he just met, abandoning his family and friends in the process.

It’s an absolutely heartless and selfish decision on Goku’s part, and likely caused ripples of all-consuming sadness for his devoted wife and adoring friends.

3 Warped Gohan Into A Warrior Against ChiChi’s Wishes

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ChiChi had some very specific goals for Gohan’s upbringing, namely that he become a great scholar and avoid a life of delinquency.

Unfortunately for her, Goku did everything he could to transform Gohan into a murderous fighter like himself to the point that it was clear he was doing it for no other reason than his own bloodlust, as he clearly didn’t know his own son well-enough to realize that it was an absolute mistake.

2 Personally Ended Bulma’s Life

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While it’s true that Goku Black was “Goku” in body only, we’re still going to count this because of how absolutely terrible it is.

There was no greater despair Bulma could have felt in her life than to look into the eyes of her childhood friend as he gleefully incinerated her, and that alone is enough reason to have this entry on the list, whether Goku was directly responsible or not.

1 Getting Married

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The number of careless wrongs Goku has committed against ChiChi could have been prevented if he never married her.

While that would mean no Gohan or Goten, it would also mean that ChiChi wouldn’t have a broken psyche, anxiety issues, and constant despair, which almost seems like a good trade-off in the long run.

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