The 25 Worst Video Games Of All Time (According To OpenCritic)

The sad thing about creativity and art is that some people are much better at it than others, and this is just as true when it comes down to video games. Yes, there are people out there that are a lot better at making games than others, and it's sad to see that some people actually decide to put these lesser products out into the world. Websites like OpenCritic take a look at video games and review them, but we've decided today that the only reviews we'll be looking at are the ones that tell us about the absolute worst games out there!

OpenCritic has a lot of games on their website, all of them offered the chance of a good review, but it's the ones right at the bottom of the list that we're interested. Yes, what we're going to do is compile the absolute worst, the twenty-five games that OpenCritic things nobody should ever touch, no matter how fun they may look beforehand! Get ready to delve into some truly terrible games!

So, we want to take a look at the absolute worst games out there, as reviewed by OpenCritic. This will give everyone a chance to see what can happen when video games are made that show up the absolute worst in video games. Believe it or not, but somebody actually put these games together and tried to get people to buy them! We think it's about time to get started!

25 Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric (31)

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Anybody that has even a basic understanding of famous video games knows that Sonic has had a troubled past, not managing to find his feet in the world of 3D games, always struggling to appear in anything worth playing. While there have been a couple of good games with his name on them throughout the past couple of decades, it's generally accepted that this is not one of them! It was a buggy mess when it first came out and even when people could get it to work for a prolonged period of time, there wasn't anything worth playing...

24 DYING: Reborn VR (31)

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Whenever there's some form of technological advancement within the world of video games, it can take a long time before the developers manage to catch up with the potential they've been handed, having to get to grips with something entirely different to what they're used to working with! One of those things is VR, and while some would say there are a couple of good puzzles in this psychological horror game, there's barely enough content here to warrant the entrance fee, so it's probably best to stay away from it for now...

23 X Rebirth (31)

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We live in a time when developers know that they can release a game that would've been slandered back in the day, because it's possible to just patch the game post-release. However, this is always a bit of a warning sign for people who care, and this game has actually had twenty-five different patches since it was first released onto the market. Even in the time we're living in, that is a ridiculous amount of updates, and we're glad to hear that this game got the reviews it deserved based on how it was released, not what it could've been.

22 Ghostbusters (30)

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It's a widely accepted fact that any game based on a movie is not going to be any good, and while the past decade or so has seen this proven wrong at times, the games that are brought out just to capitalize on the popularity of a recent movie is very unlikely to end up getting good reviews. No Ghostbusters game has managed to give players the chance to feel like they're really in the movie, but that hasn't stopped developers from trying in the past. It feels like the developers didn't even try when they started making this one...

21 Underworld Ascendant (29)

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It's sad to think of all the games that might have been good if they'd been worked on just a little bit longer! While some people argued that the idea on display in this game were perfectly serviceable, it seemed that it was released broken. We're not sure if this was because they had a lack of time to finish it up before release, or whether they knew people would end up paying for anyway, so it didn't matter. We'll never know, but it ended up getting very badly reviewed because of the state that it was in when it was released.

20 Gene Rain (29)

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There are some things out there that feel as if we can almost see what the developers were going for, what they wanted to pull together when they were at the planning stage, but that they just weren't able to pull it together. We can tell that with this game they wanted to make something that was visually impressive, hoping this would be enough to pull everyone in. However, the gameplay is genuinely boring, nothing we haven't seen for years at this point, and we would be interested to see if there anyone in the world that could make the story make sense.

19 Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil (29)

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The problem with companies is that they're willing to wring something dry if they hope that they can get some money out of it, which is exactly what happened to the originally very popular Overlord series. There was a time when the Overlord franchise was seen as a genuinely interesting property, a cult favorite, but they just couldn't leave it alone and that's why the legacy has now been ruined. We don't know anyone that gave this spin-off game a good review, and that's because it had no entertainment value at all.

18 The Quiet Man (29)

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There is a major problem in the video game industry that revolves around the fact that people are far too happy to try out gimmicks if they think that it will get more people to buy their game! We tried out FMV sequences in video games a long time ago, when the industry was obsessed with making video games just like films for some reason, and we should've left it behind then. For whatever reason, this video game decided to do that and to make the main character deaf as a gimmick so that the player could hardly hear anything that was going on!

17 Frenchy Bird (28)

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There's a lot to be said for taking from those who laid down a foundation to create something better, which is why it's so sad to see someone trying to make money by copying someone else's idea wholesale! A clear rip off of Flappy Bird, a game that stormed through the App Store and made a serious amount of money while ding it, this is Frenchy Bird. It's everything that Flappy Bird was, which is arguably very little in the grand scheme of things, but for more money than that ever cost in the first place!

16 Basement Crawl (28)

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When this game released, people were astonished to find what seemed like an unfinished game, something that nobody could really enjoy, and they let the people who made it know how they feel. In response, they decided to let their audience and the reviewers know that they were going to remaster the game, give it a different name, and try something new with the gameplay. What they should've done is scrapped everything, leave it all behind, and try to create something completely new so that they were actually entertaining people for once!

15 Super Street: The Game (27)

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There are a lot of different racing games out there, so any racing games that come out need to make sure that they're either trying something new or they're bringing their best to the table, otherwise they're just going to get lost in the fog! Sadly, this game didn't even try anything new, and didn't even offer the player anything that hadn't already been done far better. It's no surprise then that pretty much everyone that reviewed the game went on record as to say that it wasn't any good, and that includes OpenCritic as well!

14 Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival (27)

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Despite the fact that there are now so many soccer games getting released every single year it makes it pretty much impossible for anyone to release a soccer game unless they try something completely different— such as adding in an emphasis or tricks or something like that— people continue to make games about it! We can tell by looking at this image that this game will be absolutely terrible, but we can only imagine the levels of bad that it must hit once it has been booted up, and we're glad that the people of OpenCritic agree with us on that.

13 Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX (27)

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We imagine we've all played a game at some point in our lives that we can't truly get our heads round existing, and it sounds as if the reviewers of this game felt that way. They've managed to stretch a game out of what is essentially a single idea, with a various amount of tracks that are all just top-down races. There really isn't much to be done when it comes down to this sort of thing, so the fact that a developer could pull a few simple races into an entire game is a sign that people really can get away with way too much these days...

12 Super Seducer (26)

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Okay, so we don't really know where to start with this one if we're being honest. Not only does this choose your own FMV adventure have barely any gameplay in it anyway, it is the product of an actual dating coach trying to get his poisonous and unhelpful mentality towards women out in the real world. Anybody that knows anything about dating coaches and the sorts of seminars these people run should know that this game shouldn't be bought under any circumstances, even for a bit of a joke, as they still get the money.

11 Hollow (26)

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There are some reviewers who genuinely believed that the visuals of this game made them feel nauseous, which has to be one of the worst things that somebody can write about a form of entertainment. Not only that, but for the people who stomach how it looked, the gameplay left a lot to be desired as well. One of the most important things a survival horror game should get right is actually providing some horror, but many people found that the game wasn't scary at all, meaning that it was a failure on all accounts really.

10 Rugby 15 (26)

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Even though we all probably know at least one person that likes rugby, it just isn't the same when it comes to worldwide sports. We know that the US doesn't really care about soccer, but the fact that they're able to bring out essentially the same soccer game every single year and sell millions proves that they're in the minority here. There's no where near enough people out there, worldwide, that enjoy Rugby to get the units sold. We can only imagine that's why the developers in charge of this game just didn't bother putting in the effort...

9 Fighter Within (25)

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Exclusive titles are a chance for companies to make sure that their console releases onto the market with a bang, promising players a chance to play something that they can't get anywhere else, if they choose their console over any other that is. However, the problem is that these games are often expected to be finished to a hard deadline, meaning that a lot of developers don't get to to turn the game into what it could've always been. This is why exclusive titles such as this one end up being released to some absolutely abysmal reviews!

8 Raven's Cry (24)

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While a lot of these games were made by smaller developers, meaning that not a lot of people knew about them when they came out, from time to time we have something like this. This is a blockbuster game that came out and completely fell flat, meeting absolutely nobody's expectations. Not only was the game poorly made, but even the people that could get past the bad development couldn't find anything enjoyable in the gameplay. It's rare that a big budget game like this ends up having nothing fun about it whatsoever!

7 Rugby World Cup 2015 (24)

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Two rugby games on this list?! Wow, this really just shows how much people don't care about this game, if the developers just aren't bothered about putting in the work to try and make a good game out of this sort of thing. We can only hope that the rugby fans out there have at least one enjoyable game that they can play when they're at home. In the meantime, they have to contend with this sort of thing, that doesn't provide joy to anyone out there that actually enjoys the game of rugby when they're out in the real world!

6 Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers (24)

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Ever since Super Smash Bros. burst onto the scene all those years ago and proved that players enjoy taking control of characters that aren't usually placed together in a video game setting, a lot of people have been trying to take advantage of this. On the surface, the concept of a game that lets players take control of their favorite Cartoon Network characters as they attempt to rid the world of a generic evil or problem isn't that bad a thing, but they just didn't manage to pull it off with this one. Not worth a look!

5 Yasai Ninja (23)

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We're not entirely against using weird or random characters in video games, the sorts of things that companies would've tried to use in the past to have a mascot for their upcoming console or series. That being said, we've come a long way since then, and we can't believe that anybody ever decided that it would be a good idea to create a ninja game in which the characters are all vegetables! We know that doesn't sound very good, which is exactly why it's no surprise that it didn't end up getting any good reviews from anyone, including OpenCritic!

4 Soda Drinker Pro (23)

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Some of the most interesting games out there are the ones like this, the ones that feel almost as if they're some form of fancy art game that most of us don't really understand due to its absurd and surreal nature. However, there are a lot of people out there that clearly think that this game is a joke which is why they've reviewed it so highly on platforms like Steam. That being said, every single reviewer out there called it out for being a boring mess, something that looked and sounded rubbish, and OpenCritic are no different!

3 Wander (22)

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One of the greatest things about video games is that they can convey a narrative to an audience in a way that no other medium can manage, which makes them unlike anything else we can enjoy in the arts. The only problem is that it means developers can use terms like narrative in an attempt to get their audience to forgive what is essentially a boring game. Not only was this game boring and uninteresting, but it was also riddled with bugs that the developers have made no attempt to get rid of, clearly happy with the bad product that they put out.

2 Afro Samurai 2: Revenge Of Kuma Volume 1 (21)

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Even the worst games out there are usually left to fester, so that people in the future can come back to them if they so choose to, not that we would ever know why they'd want to. After the universal criticism of this game, with no review out there saying it was any good, as well as players that were annoyed with the product that they have been given, the developers decided to take action. Not only did they refund every single person that bought the game, they also took it off every single marketplace and cancelled the next two games planned in the series...

1 Vroom In The Night Sky (19)

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Do we even have to go into why this game is no good? All we have to do is look at this image to know that the thing won't be any good, as it looks like a complete mess which every single review seems to say it is. It's widely regarded to be the worst game on the Switch so far, and the sad thing is we know that it will probably be beaten at some point in the future. Literally nobody had anything positive to say about this one so it's no surprise that it's the worst rated OpenCritic game of all time!

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