7 Wrestlers Nobody Wants To Work With (And 8 That Are Surprisingly Easygoing)

As we’ve seen in the past, one wrong move can bury a wrestler’s career. Whether it be issues behind the scenes or recklessness in the ring, a wrestler can fall down the pecking order quite easily. In regards to those that we feature in this article, that holds true for a variety of reasons. Some are very talented, however, their backstage antics have labeled them as people nobody wants to work with. Talent isn't all that is required to thrive in the wrestling business.

On the flip side, we’ll also include the more easygoing wrestlers. These names might surprise the fans considering the way they’re perceived on-screen. Some are viewed as arrogant heels but the opposite holds true backstage.

Enjoy the article folks, let’s get started.

15 Nobody Wants To Work With - Lio Rush

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Age 24, Rush has the tools to be among the top in the business. He can move in the ring with complete ease and his promo work might be even better – the like of Vince McMahon were said to be impressed backstage.

However, Rush’s demeanor backstage hasn’t been the best. An insensitive tweet follow Emma’s release hurt his reputation. That trajectory continued backstage rubbing those like Finn Balor the wrong way. He’s currently on the sidelines with no timetable for a return.

14 Easygoing - Lacey Evans

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Perhaps the biggest villain in the women’s division, Lacey Evans isn’t well liked by the fans but that just means she’s working her craft quite well as a heel.

Surprisingly backstage, she’s the exact opposite. Lacey’s very humble and in fact, she takes part in various charitable causes, even those without WWE. Her IG account definitely shows a different side – one that’s the furthest things from a heel.

13 Nobody Wants To Work With - Alicia Fox

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At the moment, we have no other choice than to put the veteran on this side of the list. Problems for Fox started to emerge when she took to the ring intoxicated at a live event. It would cost WWE legend Arn Anderson his job backstage.

Problems continued just weeks ago, according to The Sun, Fox was once again sent home for arguing with a fan while once again, not in the proper state of mind.

12 Easygoing - Baron Corbin

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Similar to Lacey Evans, Corbin has a bad reputation with the fans – but again, credit has to go to his persona – in truth, Corbin is a lot more talented than fans give him credit for.

High profile names backstage seem to agree. Seth Rollins, the current Universal Champion would even compliment Corbin on his work. Baron’s in-ring work continues to trend in a positive direction. He’s also really easygoing, especially with his boss – a major plus.

11 Nobody Wants To Work With - Austin Aries

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It seems like wherever Austin Aries goes, heat follows. For that reason, he isn’t necessarily a sought after commodity. He was released by WWE for his treatment towards the writers. The same trajectory followed during his Impact days, according to Daily DDT Austin was damaging the brand and reputation of the company.

He’s now wrestling with MLW.

10 Easygoing - Alexa Bliss

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Don’t let Sasha’s hatred for Alexa Bliss fool you, she’s generally well-liked backstage and has several close friendships with the likes of Ember Moon and even Bayley from her NXT days.

WWE continues to constantly rely on Alexa and a lot of that has to do with her easygoing nature backstage. We can say the same for her demeanor with the fans, despite her role as a villain, Alexa is great with the WWE supporters.

9 Nobody Wants To Work With - Bill DeMott

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It was a tough exit for former WWE and NXT trainer Bill DeMott. He was let go by the company for his rough behavior behind the scenes. The likes of Kenny Omega made the claim that Bill would belittle and bully a lot of the WWE stars.

Given his reputation, it is unlikely he’ll find work in the business again, especially under the WWE umbrella.

8 Easygoing - Ronda Rousey

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Rousey shocked the world in the ring and we can say the same for her presence backstage amongst her peers. According to so many testimonials, Rousey was incredibly level-headed with the others and she always wanted to learn and improve.

Her positive energy would carry over in the ring, she became a sensation in the ring despite limited experience.

7 Nobody Wants To Work With - Sexy Star

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An absolute no-no, Sexy Star went off the script attempting to legitimately injure her opponent, Rosemary during an AAA event in Mexico City, TripleMania XXV.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Star legitimized her name on the blacklist by not owning up to the ordeal and instead, playing the role of the victim. She’ll never get a WWE contract or anything remotely close.

6 Easygoing - Braun Strowman

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Perhaps one of the most intimidating WWE stars, it is said that Strowman is the exact opposite behind the scenes – kind of like a big giant teddy bear. He has a great sense of humor and the big man is generally well-liked by all.

Braun had some frustrations recently, though he was able to talk things out with the boss like a man, generally because of his easygoing nature.

5 Nobody Wants To Work With - Ryback

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Ryback promised big things following his WWE exit. Some thought he might join New Japan and perhaps enhance his name as a big-time player making WWE regret their decision.

That hasn’t been the case and perhaps Ryback damaged his reputation. Ryback spoke candidly about some of his past experiences - that might’ve hurt his cause being labeled as a whiny wrestler. CM Punk did him no favors either, calling him a stiff presence in the ring, to put it nicely.

4 Easygoing - Sheamus

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Given his longevity in the business, one would assume Sheamus has the reputation as an easygoing guy amongst his peers.

We’ve seen evidence of that through his fitness YouTube channel, the veteran has a great connection with a lot of the WWE employees. He’s also easygoing in the ring as a polished wrestler who makes every match look quite easy.

3 Nobody Wants To Work With – Brock Lesnar

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Some consider working with Brock a great challenge and a privilege. Though on the other hand, Brock has a bad reputation, especially given some harsh comments by the likes of Dean Ambrose.

Dealing with Brock prior to a match usually consists of one closed-door meeting alongside Brock and Paul Heyman. As Roman Reigns said in the past, they basically lay down all the groundwork while the opponent just sits there and listens... yikes.

2 Easygoing – Kenny Omega

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Mainstream WWE fans don’t know too much as it pertains to AEW’s golden boy, Kenny Omega. Given his talent, some might be led to believe that he might be arrogant backstage – kind of like Shawn Michaels back in the day. That isn’t the case an Omega is definitely a team player.

He’s constantly putting others over and making them shine, his match against Pac recently was an example of that.

1 Easygoing – Triple H & Stephanie

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Oh, how the tables have turned. A decade ago, Triple H would land on the opposite side of the list. He developed a tough reputation for burying others, especially given his power behind the scenes.

The opposite holds true today as The Game is considered a father-figure with the younger talent down in NXT. The same holds true for Stephanie who is by far the most approachable member of the McMahon family.

Sources – Daily DDT & Wrestling Inc

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