16 Wrestlers That Are Banned From WWE Video Games

During the fall, WWE fans get excited with the release of the 2K video game. McMahon and company take this very seriously, we’ve seen wrestlers from the past return in order to promote the game. Recent examples include Rey Mysterio, Goldberg, and Sting. Using these characters creates even greater hype.

However, there are some characters we’ll never be able to use again, at least without having to create them or download them online. These wrestlers, for the most part, are not only banned from the video games but the company in general, at least for the time being. We’ll feature wrestling stars that are banned from the game for various reasons including working for a rival company or speaking ill of WWE in the past.

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16 Jon Moxley

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We won’t be seeing Jon Moxley in a WWE video game for quite some time. Surely, fans of the video game might be inclined to create him, who wouldn’t want to see Moxley take on his former Shield buddies Roman and Rollins with his new gimmick?

Definitely, a creation well worth – but don’t count on him being in the actual game as long as he’s with AEW.

15 Jim Ross

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WWE does this every now and then, they bring back a commentator from the past for their video games. They chose Jim Ross on a couple of occasions in the past – he’s the classic voice everyone knows.

Given his new contract with AEW, we won’t be hearing JR’s voice in any WWE related video game. Though, we won’t be surprised if he’s the voice of an AEW game once it is released to the public.

14 Chris Benoit

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Had things went differently for Chris Benoit, he would have been a sure first-ballot Hall of Famer. Instead, the reality, he is banned from anything WWE related. The only things we’ll hear about Benoit is outside of the company from people like Chris Jericho and Edge & Christian via their podcasts.

As far as video games go, some fans have created exact replicas in the WWE 2K series of the late wrestler.

13 Marty Jannetty

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This one is a big-time head scratcher but according to The Gamer, Marty Jannetty has never been featured in a WWE video game.

We can understand why he’s not included today given all the controversy that surrounds his name, though we’re quite surprised he didn’t make an appearance in a ‘90s game or as a legend in the earlier 2000s when he briefly returned.

12 Owen Hart

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Owen Hart excluded from WWE video games doesn’t sit well with fans and in truth, we don’t blame them. Owen’s mistress wants nothing to do with WWE since his sad passing. Most would agree that his legacy should be celebrated instead of being kept from the fans.

Despite not coming to terms with WWE, gamers can still pay tribute to Owen by creating him in the CAW section.

11 Earl Hebner

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We can remember Hebner in n64 games like No Mercy and WrestleMania 2000. Not only was he a referee but Earl was also playable as a character in the ring as well.

Things have changed drastically since that time. Earl is basically blacklisted by WWE for stealing thousands worth of merchandise. Adding to that, he recently signed with the competition, AEW.

10 Cody Rhodes

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Speaking of AEW, we now turn our attention to the man that got the plan in motion, Cody Rhodes. Since his WWE departure, Cody has grown in popularity.

Despite the fact that he’s basically banned from anything WWE related, fans will be more than inclined to create his character in the CAW section. Who wouldn’t want to put on a dream match between Rhodes and Triple H?

9 Muhammad Hassan

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He was featured in past WWE video games in the early 2000s. However, with the 9/11 controversy hitting, Hassan’s career basically went out the window and he was never used again.

Not only that, but Hassan also filed a lawsuit against WWE for past concussions. Clearly, he won’t be featured in a WWE game ever again.

8 Scott Steiner

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A great way for WWE to spice things up is by adding WCW characters. This tactic worked in the past with the likes of Goldberg and Sting all over the 2K video games.

However, some WCW stars are off limits and that includes Scott Steiner. He hasn’t had the kindest words to say in regards to WWE. Therefore, WWE wants him nowhere near the product, never mind the video game.

7 Buff Bagwell

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Buff is another WCW star we won’t be seeing. His WWE run was a laughable one, to say the least. Bagwell failed both on-screen in the main event slot and the same held true behind the scenes rubbing talent the wrong way and that included Booker T.

If a pre-made created version is already available, then why not download it. If not, there really isn’t a point in creating him from scratch.

6 Neville

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This one is a darn shame. In fact, if he was in the game, some might be inclined to pick him in a storyline season mode on the road to the WWE Title.

The reality is that Neville basically left the company on the worst of terms. He is now on the indie scene and slated to debut with AEW. Fans can still create the talent under his new identity of, Pac.

5 Gail Kim

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Kim is part of a short-list of females that likely won’t ever rejoin WWE again. She basically left on her own terms while bashing the company on her way out.

Gail continues on in the industry as a backstage presence with Impact. Her contributions with anything WWE related seem very improbable unless something drastically changes.

4 Billy Graham

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We probably won’t see Graham in any WWE related video game as a legendary character option. He continues to speak ill of the WWE product. The company tends to distance itself from those who don’t share the same viewpoints.

Most recently, Billy was pretty harsh when assessing Kofi’s look. Not a smart move to bash the company’s champion, suggesting he should take enhancements...

3 Goldust

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The former WWE veteran left the company quietly most recently. He decided to join his brother in AEW – a decision most fans can agree with.

Given that he’s working for the competition and the fact that he recently told WWE to watch out, he won’t be in any video game unless it’s one created by AEW. Even at that, they won’t be able to use his Goldust WWE name, that is trademarked by McMahon.

2 CM Punk

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We still don’t know if Punk will ever return to wrestling. However, given how he left WWE, a return to the company is rather unlikely. If we would place a bet, AEW would be his next destination when returning to wrestling.

WWE avoids anything CM Punk related and that holds true to their video games as well.

1 Chris Jericho

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Slowly but surely, WWE is banning Chris Jericho content. The company was none too pleased when Y2J decided to leave, joining the rival AEW promotion.

Banning Jericho even extends to the names of his moves, WWE no longer uses Codebreaker, it is instead regarded as a double knee to the face. We hope this isn’t a forever ban.

Sources – The Gamer, YouTube & Ring Side News

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