20 Wrestlers Who Should Not Resign With WWE

WWE is well-known for conducting "spring cleaning" each year and releasing talent from their contracts. After providing them a "future endeavor" speech, this talent is free to begin applying their craft at other professional wrestling companies. While this talent is released without their prior knowledge, there are those who seek to leave this company on their own accord.

When WWE talent becomes frustrated with the company, it is not uncommon for them to want to leave on their own.

In recent years, WWE wrestlers requesting their own contract releases or not resigning has become much more common. In years past when WWE was the only game in town, wrestlers would cling on to their position in the company. However, now that new companies are on the horizon, there are many options for disgruntled WWE talent.

The only question is, who has the guts to part ways with WWE? Here are 20 Wrestlers Who Should Not Resign With WWE:

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20 Finn Balor

via WWE

Despite maintaining his popularity as one of the most popular wrestlers going today, Finn Balor cannot seem to claw his way back to the top of WWE. Right when it seemed that WWE Management was going to give him a shot with the Universal Championship in 2016, an unfortunate injury set in. Following this, he has never made it back to the top of the pile.

For those that know Balor's past with New Japan Pro Wrestling, he has a history of being able to carry an entire company. As a multi-time IWGP Junior Tag Team and Heavyweight Champion, he has the ability to be a top guy. In fact, he is also the founding member of the hottest stable in modern professional wrestling – The Bullet Club. If those are not qualifications to be a top guy, then what is? If WWE isn't going to give Balor the spot that he deserves, there are plenty of other promotions that certainly will.

19 Bray Wyatt

via SkySports

Bray Wyatt's WWE tenure is one of the most frustrating of all to witness. Despite having all of the tools to be a consistent main-event player, he has been jerked around for most of his career. While initially pushed as a monster heel, he began incurring consistent losses in every feud he was placed in. After not being able to overcome John Cena, Randy Orton, and The Undertaker, his stock started to fall.

Wyatt has never been able to maintain his spot at the top due to start-and-stop pushes. Perhaps it is time that he tries his luck elsewhere? With such an interesting persona, any promotion would be lucky to have him on their roster. Perhaps someone else would be able to see what they have in a unique monster like Bray Wyatt.

18 Sasha Banks

Via: Monsters And Critics

As many reports have shown, Sasha Banks is not pleased with her current status in WWE. Following her loss at WrestleMania 35, Sasha Banks was reportedly very upset and has not appeared on television since. While losses are an inevitable part of professional wrestling, Sasha was hurt because she felt it devalued her status in the company.

If Sasha truly feels that WWE doesn't value her, leaving is one way to really stick it to them.

Sasha Banks has already proven that she is willing to stand up for herself if she feels wronged. If her treatment in WWE is not more befitting of The Boss going forward, it may be better for her to find greener pastures elsewhere. With the demand for good female wrestlers all over the world, she would not be short on work.

17 Kevin Owens

via TPWW

Kevin Owens may be in a solid position as Kofi Kingston's next WWE Championship challenger, but his time with the company has been marred with inconsistency. Following his single reign as Universal Champion, he has mulled around the upper-mid card. Owens has proven that he can handle the strain of being a top guy but hasn't been given the opportunity again.

With companies like AEW filled with old friends of his, it must look very tempting to jump ship to be featured elsewhere. For those that were able to see Owens' run in Ring of Honor, he can be an entirely different wrestler when he is unleashed. Perhaps it is time for Owens to return to his roots in the independent scene to show everyone just how valuable he can be.

16 Big Show

Via: YouTube (WWE)

There is no denying that The Big Show has earned his future place in the WWE Hall of Fame. The giant superstar has accomplished everything possible since joining WWE in 1999. His larger-than-life presence will never be duplicated, yet the latter half of his career was not met with approval from the fans. In fact, many have been calling for his retirement for years.

Considering that Big Show has not wrestled a match in 2019 yet, it seems that his retirement is imminent. However, in case he is considering not hanging up his boots, he should not resign with the company. The temptation to continue his career may be too much, so it would be easier to resign a WWE Legends deal instead so that he can be immortalized.

15 Brock Lesnar

via Forbes

Following Brock Lesnar's successful run in UFC, he transitioned back to WWE in 2012. Since then, his dominance in WWE has been unprecedented, leading to a 504-day reign as Universal Champion. However, his latest run in WWE has been heavily criticized. Despite being the flag-bearing Champion of the RAW brand, Lesnar's appearances are few and far between.

With so many other things competing for Lesnar's attention, including a potential return to UFC, it doesn't appear that WWE is on the top of his priority list. That being said, Lesnar should consider doing the best thing for WWE fans and not resign with the company. While that is unlikely due to his high salary, fans are ready to see him walk away from the company permanently.

14 Cesaro

via TPWW

As perhaps the most criminally under-rated wrestler in WWE history, Cesaro deserves so much better than he has received from his WWE career. He has been constantly overlooked and placed in mid-card feuds when he has always been destined for much more.

Cesaro has the ability to hold an entire company on his shoulders but has never been given the proper opportunity.

His unique mix of strength and agility makes him like no one else on the WWE roster, but he has never received a chance to prove himself. After so much waiting, it may be time for him to make a statement. Much like Cody Rhodes did in 2016, leaving WWE may be the best thing that Cesaro could do for his career.

13 Dolph Ziggler

Via: Sky Sports

Dolph Ziggler's recent absences from WWE have proven some things; firstly, that his presence is missed on television, and secondly that his heart no longer belongs to professional wrestling anymore. Despite still being in his prime, Ziggler has found a new love – stand-up comedy.

Ziggler has been granted an extended break away from the ring in order to pursue his dream of being a comedian. While on tour, he has been receiving great reviews for his shows. Perhaps he takes this opportunity to focus on this permanently and only returns to the ring when he has gotten it out of his system. In order for him to be successful, he needs to make a final decision on where he belongs.

12 EC3

Via: Comic Book

For those that may not remember, EC3 has spent time in WWE before. In 2010, he was a developmental wrestler who showed great potential, but was never given the time of day on television and was eventually released. Following his release, he joined Impact Wrestling and rose to the top of the roster. With a focus on his character and physique, he was able to become a top guy with the company, and eventually, WWE took notice again and he was welcomed back in 2018.

Unfortunately, since returning to WWE he has experienced something similar to his previous stint. WWE Management seems reluctant to give EC3 any television time despite his abilities, and his career has stalled. Knowing that WWE has now proven twice that they do not know what to do with him, it may be time to quit this dream. Other companies know how to market EC3, and he would experience much more success outside of WWE.

11 Eric Young

via WWE

When wrestling fans know that a wrestler is capable of much more than WWE is doing with them, it is upsetting to watch. For fans that have seen what Eric Young is capable of, his runs on both NXT and WWE are upsetting to witness.

Eric Young went from being a former Impact World Champion to someone who is never featured on television.

Young's run in WWE has been a big disappointment to fans so far, and to Young himself. Following the failure of sAnitY on the main roster, Young has fallen into obscurity and has been very vocal about his displeasure on social media. If Young knows that his WWE career will not materialize into anything, not resigning with the company is surely his best option.

10 Shinsuke Nakamura

via FOXSports

Despite being brought in to WWE with much fanfare, Shinsuke Nakamura's overall career thus far is less than exhilarating. While his start in NXT was met with unanimous praise, he has struggled to gain traction since his main roster debut. There have been some shining moments, but his current alliance with Rusev leaves him in limbo.

Nakamura has proven that he is a top-tier wrestler – just ask anyone who has seen his matches from New Japan Pro Wrestling. To be stuck in trivial feuds without a World Championship in sight must be very frustrating. With the Japanese wrestling market continuing to grow, Nakamura should strongly consider returning home.

9 Tamina

via Heightline

It is a struggle to believe that Tamina Snuka is WWE's longest-tenured female on the roster. Especially because since beginning her career in 2010, she has accomplished very little with the company. With so many other wrestlers in her division surpassing her, perhaps it is time that Tamina realized she is not fit for this sport.

Tamina's spot on the WWE roster could be given to someone who could accomplish more, so when it comes time to resign her contract, she should think otherwise. However, if she does not make that decision, it is highly likely that WWE will do it for her this time around.

8 Tyler Breeze

via WWE

As the first main-roster wrestler to make a return to NXT following his "promotion," it must be telling for Tyler Breeze how WWE views his contributions. Despite his initial run on NXT pointing to very positive things for his future, his career quickly floundered on the main roster. In fact, his descent into jobber status happened at an alarmingly fast rate that fans suggested he must have upset someone backstage in a big way.

Breeze has shown that he has massive potential if given the opportunity. While revisiting his roots in NXT may help reestablish his confidence, it may be time to pursue other options. With little exposure to the independent scene prior to arriving in WWE, some time with other companies may help make WWE realize just how good he can be.

7 The Ascension

Via: TWM Wrestling News

Speaking of wrestlers who flourished in NXT but struggled on the main roster, The Ascension were among the biggest disappointments after being called up. Their time in NXT established the team as monsters who ruled over the tag division, but the main roster broke them down to just another jobber team. Following a bad debut, they have never recovered.

The Ascension showed so much promise, but their main roster debut was mishandled from the beginning – some time away could be a big benefit for them. Both Konnor and Viktor have been a part of the WWE system for so long that they have may forgotten what else is out there. Another promotion may treat them as they deserve to be promoted.

6 Kassius Ohno

via WWE

Prior to his stint in WWE, Kassius Ohno had a well-established career on the independent circuit. In fact, many current top-tier wrestlers with WWE cut their teeth alongside Ohno outside of WWE. Despite his tremendous wrestling pedigree, he has never been treated as the top guy while under contract.

Kassius Ohno may be respected by the rest of the roster, but that hasn't exactly been extended from WWE Management.

He may be considered the gate-keeper of NXT, but he hasn't been given the win-loss record to match that claim. Ohno may be teetering towards the end of his in-ring career, but with so many friends in AEW, it may be a good idea to pursue other options before it is too late.

5 Bayley

Via: Cageside Seats

Bayley has gone from being one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE to one at the bottom of the barrel. Her transition from the top of the mountain to an unfortunate burial has been difficult to watch. Since joining the main roster, Bayley has struggled to gain the same footing she had in NXT, and WWE Management has responded by pushing her further down the totem pole.

It is clear that Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and others are considered the "top women" in WWE, and that Bayley does not have a place on this list. However, this does put Bayley in a very interesting position – what if she were to apply her trade with another promotion? This would show WWE what they have been missing out on.

4 The Colons

via PopCulture

It may be surprising for some fans to learn that Primo and Epico Colon are still employed by WWE. However, they have not had a televised wrestling match since Survivor Series 2018. Considering they both come from a highly-respected wrestling family, this must be difficult to come to terms with.

Since WWE has proved that they could care less about featuring them on television, finding greener pastures elsewhere is a great option. While it is unclear exactly why WWE is not featuring them, there is no denying the talent they possess.

3 Kalisto

via CagesideSeats

Kalisto is stuck in a strange career limbo in WWE. He has tried his hand in the mid-card, tag team, and 205 Live divisions, but has not found his footing in any division. His style has a home in the Cruiserweight division, but he has not been able to maintain a clear position anywhere.

Kalisto's independent wrestling career shows that he is more capable than the position WWE has put him in.

With the 205 Live brand not meeting everyone's expectations, he could be the one to help turn it around, yet no one seems interested in giving him that show. With so many former colleagues now in AEW and other promotions outside of WWE, he may benefit most from removing himself from under WWE's thumb.

2 Gran Metalik

via WWE

Speaking of the Lucha House Party, there are other members of the group who should consider a move out of WWE when given the chance. WWE fans may not know much about Gran Metalik outside of his short WWE career, but he has an incredibly storied history in Mexico and Japan.

Metalik's career started off on a high with the Cruiserweight Classic, yet has never achieved that status again. In fact, his career has only fallen towards a deep hole since that point and has never recovered. With a legacy across the border in other countries, Metalik would likely be welcomed back with open arms and be much more successful than he has been in WWE.

1 Corey Graves

via TPWW

While the newest and hottest wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling has been hiring wrestling talent like crazy, they could benefit from one more – a very talented color commentator. Corey Graves has created a great persona for himself in WWE, but if this controversial commentator wanted to set the wrestling world on fire, he would jump ship.

Imagine a wrestling show commentated by Jim Ross and Corey Graves? That would be a spectacle that harkens back to beloved times in wrestling history. If Graves really wanted to get the wrestling world talking, he would make a move that no one expects.


Are there other wrestlers who should consider not resigning with WWE? Let us know in the comments!

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