8 Wrestlers Banned From Games Forever (And 7 Vince Might Allow Back)

Hands down, the best part of a WWE video game is getting the chance to live out fantasy matches we would never be able to see in real life. Matches like Shawn Michaels versus The Rock or a new school star like Ricochet taking on the likes of Stone Cold in a battle of polar opposite styles.

We can book most matches in the video game – though some wrestlers won’t be featured. In this article, we’ll take a look at those that have a chance to return while we’ll also feature seven that appear to be banned for good unless something drastic takes place. Not to worry though, we can still create some of these banned wrestlers – they just won’t look as authentic compared to the characters created by 2K themselves.

Let’s get started, enjoy folks!

15 Might Return - Jim Ross

via SmackDown Hotel

Once JR’s contract with AEW comes to an end, it wouldn’t surprise us if he returned to WWE video games given his signature voice that’s synonymous with WWE fans.

He was recently extended an invite to attend RAW’s reunion show. However, although AEW gave their blessing JR himself decided to turn down the comeback request. Maybe he’ll feel differently a couple of years down the road.

14 Banned - Sunny

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There are more than a couple of reasons for Sunny’s banishment from WWE video games. For one, it is a PG friendly experience and Sunny has a not so PG past.

In addition, she isn’t in the WWE’s good books considering all her controversy and arrests along with the fact that she sold the company’s Hall of Fame ring.

13 Might Return - Ken Shamrock

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He wanted an in-ring return with the company – though given his age, perhaps WWE isn’t too fond of this idea.

Ken might have to settle for a spot in the video game instead. It can be great PR for WWE, pushing dream matches like Shamrock against the likes of Brock Lesnar and heck even NXT star Matt Riddle.

12 Banned - Chavo Guerrero Jr.

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We would love to use both the late Eddie Guerrero and Chavo as a tag team in the 2K video game – the only issue is that Chavo won’t be featured. He’s involved in a lawsuit with WWE – meaning, such negations won’t take place any time soon.

Fans might be forced into creating Chavo in order to make this duo a possibility.

11 Might Return - Alberto Del Rio

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No matter how badly things seem to be, Del Rio always finds his way back with WWE. Despite his recent exit on bad terms, it is said that Del Rio met with WWE officials at the headquarters clearing the air.

Del Rio is optimistic that he’ll have one more run with WWE before calling it a career – that might also include one last run in the video game.

10 Banned - Marty Jannetty

via YouTube

Diehard old school wrestling fans would love to use The Rockers against current teams like The Usos, setting up fantasy matches we’d never get the chance to see. Unfortunately, Jannetty needs to be created in order for this to go down.

He’s basically banned by WWE for his past reckless antics, not to mention that he tried suing the company as well.

9 Might Return - Sable

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Sable remains one of the biggest mysteries in pro wrestling. She didn’t leave on bad terms, yet we haven’t seen the ‘90s star since 2004.

According to rumors, she even turned down an invite to attend the inaugural women’s Evolution event. At the very least, she’s getting the chance to return. Maybe she’ll feel differently about being brought back under the circumstances of a video game.

8 Banned - Ahmed Johnson

via YouTube

Johnson was at one point labeled as a potential WWE Champion – then he spoke... and it basically all came crashing down. Johnson just could not cut a promo, creating some of the more hilarious botches on WWE programming.

He left on bad terms and never has WWE spoken about bringing Johnson back for anything – even just a brief appearance. Once again, his harsh words for the company likely hurt his chances.

7 Might Return - Owen Hart

via YouTube

At least we hope that the door is still a little bit open for WWE to honor Owen’s outstanding career. The biggest issue at the moment is Owen’s widow choosing to avoid WWE – this has created a separation between the two sides.

His brother Bret hopes the two sides can come together, so does Mark Henry. It can lead to hours of Owen Hart footage on the network along with his character as a legend in the 2K video game.

6 Banned - Chris Benoit

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Unlike Owen who has a shot, we’ll never see Chris Benoit in a video game again. WWE wants no association to the deceased wrestler – all of his moments are banned from WWE programming and basically erased from the record books.

Had things went differently, he could’ve been a first-ballot Hall of Famer and reoccurring legend in the video game.

5 Might Return - Jack Swagger

via IGN

Swagger himself left the door open. Here’s what he told MMA Torch pertaining to the possibility of a return;

“[WWE] is doing better than ever, so with that much money on the table, of course, I would think about [a return],” Swagger told MMATorch’s, Sean Covington. “I want to go back there. I think if I did go back there it would be a whole new Jack Swagger.”

4 Banned - Buff Bagwell

via YouTube

Buff would be a fun character to choose as a legend. Too bad his brief WWE run was a complete and utter failure.

Not only did he get into a fight backstage with Booker T but he also lost the respect of his peers when his mother basically called in sick for him... Creating him is the only way folks.

3 Might Return - CM Punk

via IGN

Getting CM Punk back in WWE would be a marketing play in particular. Just imagine the amount of merchandise WWE would be able to sell – let alone making Punk the legendary poster boy of the video game as well.

We saw unlikely returns from Goldberg, Sting and Kurt Angle in the past to promote the game – CM Punk might be another unlikely alum welcomed back.

2 Banned - Scott Steiner

via YouTube

Like some of the others, this one is a shame especially in terms of fantasy matches. Who wouldn’t want to book Steiner in his prime against the likes EC3, Braun Strowman, and so many others?

Given his sour relationship with WWE, it just won’t happen. However, finding a downloadable version of Steiner online won’t be hard to get.

1 Might Return – Chris Jericho

via SmackDown Hotel

“I’ve talked with him [Vince McMahon] a couple of times, but I’m kind of public enemy number one there now. I’ve been kind of removed from the annals of history. I asked the other day if I could have a couple of their guys on my podcast to promote Mania and I was told, ‘No, it’s not appropriate because you’re in AEW.’

In other words, it seems like Y2J is banned. Never say never though, once his deal expires it is likely he’ll return back home to WWE and once again be a featured character in the video game. We’ll just have to wait.

Sources – Twitter, YouTube & IGN

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