A Wrong Number Text Led To Cookies From Grandma

With our teeny tiny and ever-decreasing attention span shrinking by the minute, inputting cell phone numbers incorrectly happens from time to time. No big deal, right? Well actually, Reddit is chock full of hilarity (and sometimes, scary stuff) that has happened because of a texting error. Love What Matters caught wind of cookie-scented air that led to this super cute story which resulted from a texting error.

Jordan, a 27-year-old from Asheville, North Carolina said that she received a funny text one day. “I randomly got a text wishing me well and asking me if I’ve ‘been good enough for cookies.’ I played into it and said that I was always good for cookies and expressed how I wanted some" Jordan said. "I then sent a text saying I was just joking and playing along because I thought that it was adorable. She then asked me to send over my address and what kind of cookies I wanted".


Jordan said that she didn't take the request for her address seriously and didn't think that this mistaken Gammy would actually send her cookies via mail. Because, I mean, that's just too cute and sweet to happen these days, right? Regardless, she said that she went ahead and texted her address but pretty much forgot about the cookies because she didn't think anything would come of the mistaken text.

So when another text was sent telling Jordan that a box of oatmeal raisin cookies and chocolate chip pecan bars would be arriving via UPS on a Wednesday straight to her front door, she couldn't believe it!



Jordan went on to say that Gammy thought that maybe Jordan knew her grandson (she didn't) but it became clear that Gammy's wishes were to have her grandson enjoy some of the cookies too. So Jordan simply asked Gammy for his number. Upon speaking to the cookie-loving grandson, Jordan found out that he works at a grocery store that she goes to often.

"You’re not going to believe this and it’s a really weird story but hear me out" Jordan told him before dropping off half of the cookie treasure trove. "I wanted to ask for a picture of us eating the cookies but could tell he felt really awkward and weird about it at his work".

Jordan decided to instead text Gammy to make sure that she knew that some of the cookies made it to her grandson. Like only a sweet Gammy would, she called Jordan's gesture "thoughtful".

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