WWE's Bray Wyatt Thinks He'd Be Perfect For A Role In The Batman

As news broke of Jonah Hill no longer being linked to a villainous role in The Batman, WWE's Bray Wyatt decided to throw his hat into the ring.

Now that Jonah Hill is out of contention for a role in The Batman, WWE's Bray Wyatt is hoping DC comes knocking at his door.

Thanks to the 23 movies (and counting) in the MCU, Marvel has quite the stranglehold on Hollywood right now. Its comic book rival DC has been left looking foolish in a number of ways. DC has been left playing catch up, rushing to cobble together a Justice League in response to Marvel's Avengers. Some of the movies may have made money at the box office, but they're lacking when compared to Marvel's offerings.

DC has signaled that the tide is about to turn in that regard, and has potentially started a new trend via the release of Joker. Never fear, you'll find no spoilers here, aside from the fact that Joker is a terrific return to DC's dark roots. Movies like V For Vendetta and The Dark Knight are examples of DC at its best, and Joker is right up there with them.

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As for DC's future, another Batman was cast recently, seemingly bringing the curtain down on Ben Affleck's time in the suit. Robert Pattinson will be the next Batman and make his first appearance as the iconic comic book character in the appropriately named The Batman. There were rumors that Jonah Hill would be playing the movie's villain, but those plans have now apparently fallen through.

Upon hearing Hill is no longer in the running, WWE's Bray Wyatt decided to throw his hat into the ring. Wyatt wrote, "Sign me up. I got this," in response to the news that Hill was out. Wyatt is currently portraying one of the greatest villains WWE has ever seen in the form of The Fiend. From the mask to the music to Wyatt's Firefly Funhouse, the former WWE Champion certainly knows how to play a bad guy.

As for what Wyatt would be expecting if he were to land a role as a Batman baddy is unknown. As cool as it would be to see The Fiend pop up in The Batman, we're assuming Wyatt would have to play an already established Batman villain. Quickly running down some of the top ones from over the years, we personally think Wyatt would make one hell of a Penguin. Give him an audition DC and thank us later.

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