10 WWE Divas With No Taste In Cars (And 10 With Sick Rides)

With looks, ring IQ and a unique personality, WWE Divas have all the traits worthy of their celebrity status. The cherry on top is their choice of vehicle, which says a lot about these women.

WWE fans have expectations for Divas in how they act both in and outside the ring. Cars not only transport Divas to major wrestling events or a night on the town but can also carry them in an electric ring walk.

Despite all their money and style, there are Divas out there who still drive or pose with beaters. On the other hand, there are Divas with impeccable taste who manage to get their hands on rad rides. We’re looking at both camps of Divas to separate which ones truly have a knack for cars from the ones who don’t.

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20 No Taste In Cars: Lana

via The Sun

If her Prius is any indication, it looks as if Lana Perry doesn’t care about the cars she drives. However, her choice shows she cares about saving money at the pump. She also has the dough to get a Prius Prime instead of the standard model, which comes with a longer battery.

19 No Taste In Cars: Carmella

via Wrestling Forum

In the summer spirit, Carmella took part in this photoshoot that featured Divas such as Renee, Becky, Alexa and Naomi (Wrestling Forum). In the background is a red 4v4 pickup full of inflatables. While the truck fits the tailgating theme, it’s not the flashiest ride we’ve seen a Diva with before.

18 With Sick Ride: Nikki Bella

via Pinterest

It makes sense that one of the most successful Divas in WWE would have arguably the best car on the list. Nikki Bella posted this photo back in August 2015 on her Instagram showing off her yellow Lamborghini back with the caption: "Training Time.” There’s no Lamborghini for a Diva unless she puts in some hard work at the gym.

17 With Sick Ride: Sasha Banks

via Pinterest

Sasha Banks made the most of her WrestleMania 33 ring entrance by hopping aboard this black roadster. Not only was it an unforgettable way to enter the ring, but an incredible car that even the Divas who awaited her arrival in the ring couldn’t resist smiling over from ear to ear.

16 No Taste In Cars: Rosa Mendes

via wwe.com

A couple of Divas decided to take a break from wrestling and wash some cars. It was part of a photoshoot for SummerSlam. Front and center is Rosa Mendes, who probably couldn’t-care-less what car she’s washing. Aside from being a mother, Sporting News reports she also spends time these days teaching wrestling to students.

15 With Sick Ride: Charlotte Flair

via Picgra

Charlotte Flair didn’t just show off one of her toys in this photo, but two. Even more impressive than the white Lamborghini is the sleek jet parked at this landing field. As the daughter of Ric Flair, she proves that both the ability to make serious money and dominate in the ring runs in the family.

14 No Taste In Cars: Renee Young

via Pinterest

As a commentator for the WWE, Renee Young has to give live reactions to the surprising and action-packed events that take place in the ring. She interviews wrestlers, gives her opinion and speaks to the fans on the crazy antics as they play out in real time. She’s standing in front of an old Mercedes in an auto repair shop that the mechanic should send straight to the junk yard.

13 With Sick Ride: Stacy Keibler

via Wrestling Forum

Another Diva to leave an indelible mark on WWE is Stacy Keibler. She’s photographed here with a Corvette as part of a promo for SummerSlam 2005. With a net worth of $4.5 million, Keibler has come a long way from starting out as a cheerleader in the NFL (Celebrity Net Worth).

12 With Sick Ride: Naomi

via Pinterest

Naomi proves in this photo she’s got great fashion and a killer car. It’s why both Natalya and Renee hitched a ride with Ms. Florida, considering they’re both on the list of Divas with no taste in cars. This sight even caught the attention of a gentleman in the background looking on in awe.

11 With Sick Ride: Maryse

via DUB Magazine

Not only is former Diva Maryse stunning, but her car collection lives up to the wealth and fame a WWE star garners. Here she’s seated inside what Dub Magazine reports is her Audi R8 with Lambo doors, which she shares with The Miz. She even brought her puppy along for the ride.

10 With Sick Ride: Maria Kanellis

via Pinterest

Maria Kanellis just made a major announcement: she’s pregnant. She went to Instagram with the news in early July 2019, adding the caption: “Tough as a Mother.” This news came after she already landed a $2.5 million deal with WWE, though Forbes notes that it’s already part of her storyline.

9 With Sick Ride: Nia Jax

via ISPN24

The Diva in this photo is Lana, who decided to present Nia Jax with the ultimate gift. In a clip from the reality show Total Divas, Lana treats Nia Jax with a white Lamborghini for her birthday. Even though they all couldn’t fit in it, Natalya got behind the wheel and took it for a ride with Nia in the passenger seat (ISPN24).

8 With Sick Ride: Madusa

via Hotcars

Former wrestler Madusa went from wrestling in the ring to driving monster trucks in arenas. In an interview with Monster Jam in a clip on their YouTube channel, Madusa admits to always being a gearhead. It’s appropriate then that she put her name across the side of a monster truck.

7 With Sick Ride: Candice Michelle

via Pinterest

Candice Michelle does it all, from modeling to acting to wrestling. One of her more memorable moments, and arguably the highlight of her wrestling career, came in 2007 when she beat Melina to win the WWE Women’s Championship (Bleacher Report). As a model, it’s common for her to pose with cars, though any old clunker won’t do.

6 No Taste In Cars: Alexa Bliss

via Dailymotion

Being a Diva means taking part in tough workouts. Alexa Bliss got a lesson from Braun Strowman on how to flip cars, as per a YouTube clip on WWE’s channel. Her face shows she’s dubious towards Strowman’s training routine, especially after he made her wear one of his sweaty shirts. At least they planned on flipping this sedan instead of something more valuable.

5 No Taste In Cars: Ronda Rousey

via HawtCelebs

Her time in the WWE wasn't very long, but Ronda Rousey already managed to make an impression. She may even be making a comeback to the ring. According to Yahoo! Sports, she released a clip on YouTube that hints at a potential WWE appearance in the near future. We can only hope she gets paid enough to upgrade her car collection.

4 No Taste In Cars: Trish Stratus

via Autotrader

It’s not a car that’s going to turn heads, but that doesn’t matter to Trish Stratus. She got the SUV for different reasons. In an interview with Autotrader, she claimed she got it for the extra space so she could fit all of her kids along with a stroller too.

3 No Taste In Cars: Eve Torres

via hawtcelebs.com

Having made a name for herself in WWE, Eve Torres walked away from pro wrestling in 2013. Heightline reports that she also appeared in the movie The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power. She even has her own business today where she teaches self-defense classes using the talents she honed while in WWE.

2 No Taste In Cars: Natalya

via Motor Trend

Natalya may be a stunning Diva who ranks among one of the best today, but her car certainly doesn’t reflect it. She’s happy with her 2011 Volkswagen CC, which Motor Trend confirms is her daily driver. At least it’s a step up from the first car she ever owned, which was a Dodge Neon.

1 No Taste In Cars: Paige

via The Daily Dot

A small clip on YouTube shows popular Diva Paige getting surrounded by fans. Even though she was about to get into her car, she took the time to take a selfie with a fan. The only downside is her getaway car itself. While the color fits Paige’s edgy persona, it doesn’t quite reflect the Diva’s net worth.

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