10 WWE Rumors Currently Circulating Behind The Scenes (And 6 From AEW)

Wrestling might be back on the rise, especially given all the news and the momentum at the moment. The rumor mill is currently loaded with news. Among the topics, WWE’s debut on FOX with SmackDown along with AEW’s TNT debut. Let’s not forget about NXT which is also set to launch with the USA Network shortly. It is a great time for wrestling fans, obviously.

Given these mammoth changes, the rumor mill has all sorts of stories currently circulating behind the scenes. We’ll discuss a bit of everything in this article from future matches, storylines, and events. We’ll also discuss the potential of certain wrestling stars jumping ship or changing characters completely.

Without further ado, here are ten WWE rumors current circulating backstage and six from AEW. Enjoy the article folks, let’s get started.

16 WWE - Balor To Undergo Major Repackaging

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According to Forbes just days ago, WWE is planning for a big-time gimmick change. It relates to one of the biggest stars, Finn Balor. The likes of Give Me Sport also speculate that Finn might turn heel in the process.

We can see Balor leading his own heel Balor Club group, potentially alongside the likes Rezar and Akam. Another possibility, Finn returns as The Demon.

15 AEW - Omega Versus Ambrose On TNT Debut

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The blockbuster Omega versus Ambrose match is now off. Pac aka Neville is set to replace Dean. Although this is a major letdown, it can lead to a lot of good for AEW.

The current word backstage is that the match can happen as early as the October debut on TNT. This would be a great way to draw in viewers, featuring the most popular AEW star taking on the most talented.

14 WWE - CM Punk Contacting WWE?

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Perhaps the most surprising news of the month, according to Wrestling Observer, it is believed that CM Punk’s representatives contacted FS1 pertaining to a possible hosting gig for WWE programming.

Punk has experience in this spot – he worked the position on the MMA side of things. Given that FOX wants a strong MMA base on WWE, perhaps Punk’s involvement might gather interest from the network.

13 WWE - Keith Lee Set For Major Push

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NXT star Keith Lee might be set for a big push. Lee is set to star in a Netflix and WWE collaboration, The Main Event.

The film is a big deal for WWE and according to Wrestle Talk, it can lead to more exposure for Keith on NXT television and a big-time push for the WWE star.

12 AEW – Possible New Japan Connection Alliance

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It is believed that AEW is trying to make things right with New Japan. A big reason for Dean Ambrose’s involvement with the company is an attempt to make things good between the two sides and possibly, work together down the road.

If AEW can manage to snag others like Ibushi, Okada, Robinson, Natio, and Ospreay to name a few, it can make for some significant roster upgrades.

11 WWE - 205 Live Coming To An End

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With the FOX deal looming near, 205 Live remains in the dark. At first, it was suggested that 205 Live might air as an additional third hour on FS1 following SDLive. However, given the lack of interest, it seems as though the brand might come to an end altogether.

This wouldn’t be the worst thing and in fact, the talent roster can bolster all three brands significantly.

10 AEW - Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Swagger Headed To AEW

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When asked which wrestlers Jim Ross would like to see in AEW, the top two names he mentioned included WWE alums Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Jack Swagger.

Given that Smith Jr. is a free agent, this would lead to speculation that he might be joining AEW sooner rather than later. The same goes for Swagger who can also join the company at some point given his independent label.

9 WWE - More TakeOver Shows

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With NXT’s move to USA, Wrestle Vote recently tweeted out that there is a big chance of more NXT TakeOver specials in 2020;

“A source states adding a 6th TakeOver event is a real possibility in 2020, all dependent on how the USA Network numbers look. The current TakeOver schedule of Jan, Mania weekend, June, Aug & Nov makes finding a slot for a 6th show a bit difficult.”

8 WWE - Easing Roman Back In

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It was odd seeing Roman Reigns held off the SummerSlam card and in truth, we’re not seeing Reigns in the ring on a weekly basis.

This is all purposely done by WWE. The goal is still to ease Reigns back into the mix. The company doesn’t want to rush the WWE star since his return from his recent health scare.

7 AEW - Four PPVs In 2020

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Following the All Out PPV, AEW will hold one last event in 2019.

According to Comic Book, the promotion is already plotting for 2020. At this point, the goal is to put on four major PPV shows throughout the year. With NXT expanding to six, possibly, it’ll be interesting to see if AEW does the same as a direct competition measure.

6 WWE - LA Favorite For WrestleMania 37

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We’re not even discussing WrestleMania 36 but already, plans for WrestleMania 37 are underway.

At the moment, the frontrunner seems to be Los Angeles, with plans to put on the event in a stadium venue as opposed to the Staples Center. Las Vegas remains in the mix as well among the dark horses to host the event.

5 WWE - Miz Back In IC Title Hunt

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Let’s dive into storyline rumors currently circulating. This one links The Miz back in familiar territory, possibly taking on Shinsuke Nakamura.

According to Ring Side News, the plan might be for Shinsuke and Miz to battle at Clash Of Champions for the IC Title. Definitely, a match and storyline that’ll get some interest.

4 AEW - Schiavone Rejects WWE For AEW

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The word backstage is that the former WCW commentator turned down WWE just prior, opting to ink with AEW instead. Cagesideseats discussed his possible role with the promotion;

“AEW’s announcement about Tony Schiavone’s hiring made it sound like he was replacing Alex Marvez on the announce team, but Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that while may happen eventually, for now Schiavone will focus on studio segments and producing.”

3 WWE - Third Hour Of SmackDown To Air On FS1 or WWE Network

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Talks backstage relate to SmackDown Live possibly airing for three hours every Friday night. However, the third hour is to air on another platform.

The rumored front-runners appear to be FS1 and the WWE Network. FS1 also plans to air a WWE studio show as well.

2 AEW - AEW Star Marries WWE Star

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This was bound to take place. In fact, NXT’s Champion Adam Cole’s girlfriend Britt Baker also signed with AEW.

This one took center stage just days ago as Peyton Royce married former WWE star and current AEW star Shawn Spears, aka the Perfect 10, Tye Dillinger. Royce posted a brief photo and statement via IG.

1 WWE – Live Events Diminishing

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In the month of August, WWE canceled several live events. It seems as though the company plans to scale down in order to make it easier on the talent, especially with the Tuesday show now moving to Friday nights, potentially in a three-hour slot.

Add in NXT’s two-hour slot on USA and that’s a lot of wrestling to watch! With a decline in attendance, adding fewer live events can help with the issue.

Sources – Ring Side News, Forbes, Cagesideseats & Wrestling Observer

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