18 WWE Stars In Yoga Pants We Can’t Stop Staring At

The life of a WWE Diva is unlike any. It appears to be so glamorous but the truth is, it comes with so much hard work behind the scenes. The Divas are constantly traveling from town to town – as if that isn’t hard enough, they’re expected to improve in the ring while keeping healthy habits outside of it. That means eating healthy foods while on the road, matched with keeping up-to-date with training. This leads to training in gyms all over the world.

They somehow make it work and that’s especially evident via their social media accounts. Some post videos of their workouts while others drop our jaws with photos in yoga pants.

That’s what we’re taking a look at today – photos of WWE Divas in yoga pants, both in and out of the gym.

18 Nikki Bella

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When we look at pictures like the one above – man oh man do we ever miss Nikki Bella. Thankfully, we can still keep track of the former Divas Champion, she’s all over social media whether it be on IG or even her YouTube channel.

Nikki has our full attention when it comes to her workouts and the outfits have a lot to do with that.

17 Zelina Vega

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Don’t let her small frame fool you, Zelina is all about the gym life. She has a recent shoot inside the gym that grabbed everyone’s attention – visit her IG account to see the photos. Let’s just say she isn’t skipping ab day.

She isn’t missing glute day either, as evidenced by her wardrobe on a recent episode of Monday Night RAW.

16 Becky Lynch

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Becky in yoga pants... now that’s a winning formula. She’s putting just as much work out of the ring than she is in it.

Like Seth Rollins, Lynch enjoys a Cross Fit style of training, which caters towards heavy lifts. Lynch really can do no wrong, she’s a beast in and out of the ring.

15 Lana

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Credit to Lana, she’s somehow making the Rusev and Bobby Lashley storyline work. It got off to a rocky start – though we must appreciate how committed she is towards the angle.

We appreciate her stunning photos on platforms like IG as well. Whether it be in yoga pants or a stunning dress, Lana always grabs everyone’s attention easily.

14 Alexa Bliss

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The Goddess knows how to rock yoga pants. In fact, she was wearing them on the regular prior to her WWE run. Bliss was all about the fitness way of life, becoming a fitness competitor and competing at the Arnold Classic.

Although she had great potential to thrive – WWE is her true calling.

13 Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte just has those special superior genetics. She can pull a moonsault off the top rope onto the outside while easily lifting an opponent over her head. Basically the perfect combination of strength and agility.

That doesn’t happen without a crazy commitment to fitness outside of the ring.

12 Mandy Rose

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Oh, Mandy! A true beauty and of course, one that takes her training very seriously outside of the ring. Mandy is another WWE star that comes from the world of fitness, she was also a model prior to WWE.

Mandy pulling off yoga pants is a no brainer – she can pull off absolutely anything.

11 Sasha Banks

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Sasha has our attention whether she’s wearing yoga pants to the gym or during the day of a WWE show. Heck, she has a Twitter account dedicated to her booty... basically, all the pics are dedicated to those fabulous glutes. Is it a little weird, yes, but truly the ultimate compliment as well.

10 Carmella

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Carmella making it with WWE wasn’t always supposed to happen. She was criticized early on for not showing enough personality... Given her bubbly character today, it is clear that she took the message to heart.

She continues to overachieve, enjoying a Women’s Championship run in the past. She’s also a beast when it comes to workouts, just check her IG.

9 Naomi

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We wish there was just a little bit more of Naomi in the recent episodes of WWE TV. Heck, most fans might even forget which brand she’s on at the moment.

We miss everything from her tremendous in-ring style to well, her backside which is among the best in WWE.

8 Ronda Rousey

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Speaking of WWE stars that are missed, Rousey has to be atop the list. Let’s be honest, the division hasn’t been the same since she took her hiatus following WrestleMania.

Rumors continue to swirl that she’ll return and it won’t be for just a one-off match. Let’s hope the rumors are true.

7 Lacey Evans

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Lacey’s bulging biceps might be even more impressive than her yoga pants. Although she plays the role of a villain on-screen, she’s one of the biggest babyfaces off it, beloved by her peers and a proud mother.

And yea, she’s a beast in the weight room, just take a look at some of her NXT Combine numbers.

6 Billie Kay

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We assume Billie Kay uses her idol The Rock as inspiration when hitting the gym. She got to meet her childhood hero during the inaugural SmackDown on FOX episode.

It was an emotional moment for Kay who shed a tear when Dwayne was giving her some career advice. Also, we can’t stop staring at the pic above...

5 Peyton Royce

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Not only do we get Peyton Royce but we also get another Billie Kay photo – not a bad bonus, not a bad one at all.

Royce has such an impressive physique, like a lot of the other women, Royce loves to post about her workouts, she even has a video via YouTube alongside Sheamus, working a sweat in the gym.

4 Sonya Deville

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Sonya Deville entered the WWE pipeline through Tough Enough. She didn’t win the show but made enough of an impression to get signed by WWE.

The winner of the show is nowhere to be found while Deville continues to be on TV, almost on a weekly basis. She’s a sure Women’s Champion in the future.

3 Liv Morgan

We’re not exactly sure what’s going on with Liv Morgan. She left with a cryptic message following a loss on SmackDown. The word backstage is that Liv is undergoing a major character change.

She posted a brief video of her hair getting chopped off... clearly, something big is in the works.

2 Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie in yoga pants... yup, we can’t stop staring. Like her dad, Stephanie is a beast when it comes to working out. She even takes to her home gym in the wee hours of the night, sometimes even at midnight.

Not only are the workouts so darn impressive, but we can say the same for her stunning gym gear.

1 Bayley

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Just like Sasha Banks, Bayley has her own Twitter account, dedicated to candid pics of her backside. Seriously, we just can’t stop staring no matter what the photo is. Whether it be in her ring gear or in yoga pants, Bayley is definitely booty goals. Those heavy squats have a lot to do with it.

Sources – Twitter, IG & YouTube

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