10 Tag Teams Who Should Be Broken Up (And 10 Who Should Stay Together)

Tag Team wrestling has always been one of the corner-stones of professional wrestling, particularly in WWE. Dating all the way back to 1971 with the first WWE World Tag Team Champions, some of the best teams in wrestling history have worked in WWE. With teams like The Blackjacks, The Hart Foundation, The Hardy Boyz and The New Day holding various iterations of the Championships, there has always been a reason to watch Tag Team wrestling.

Including all of the teams mentioned above, there have even been main-event level wrestlers included in the Tag Team division. Sometimes wrestlers begin their career as tag team wrestlers until they transition into their singles career. Or, wrestlers can also take a break from the main event and try their hands in a different division.

Whatever the case is, the story of a Tag Team can end one of two ways – do they stay together or do they split up? Out of all the teams under WWE's roster now, they will also end up the same. The question is, what is best for those wrestlers today? Here are 10 Tag Teams Who Should Be Broken Up (And 10 Who Should Stay Together):

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20 Stay Together - Anderson/Gallows

via 411

While all signs point to The Good Brothers not continuing their careers with WWE, there is no reason for them to split apart. Prior to signing with WWE in 2016, they were a big part of the mega-stable The Bullet Club in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Coming from such a rich background in Japan, these two proved how valuable they can be to a company.

WWE has never been able to capitalize on the abilities of Anderson and Gallows.

With their careers in WWE winding down and reports surfacing that they are not looking to resign, their options are more open than ever. Any company would be lucky to land these two, and hopefully, this means they will get the success they deserve. However, they should do it while sticking together. Anderson and Gallows are much more valuable together than they are apart.

19 Break Up - The New Day

Via: Wrestleview

Not every tag team needs to be broken up after a long time together, but sometimes personalities get too big to be constrained to a team. Kofi Kingston has proved this with his recent WWE Championship win. Since Kofi-mania ran wild during WrestleMania this past year, Kingston has been one of the hottest acts in WWE. However, his run as Champion has been caught in the shadow of his New Day brethren.

The New Day is one of the most surprising successes in WWE in recent memory, and have enjoyed a good run on top of the tag team division. However – as this article shows – there are many great tag teams in WWE's ranks currently. In order to let the current WWE Champion shine, perhaps it is time to let the New...Day end.

18 Stay Together - The Revival

Via: Wrestle Yard

With so much made about how The Revival feels about their spot in WWE, one thing is still for certain – they are one of the best tag teams on WWE's current roster. Their smash-mouth qualities have set them apart from other thrown-together tag teams over the years, and brought them through the WWE ranks well. While the Internet has been vocal about how they feel about the mistreatment that they have faced recently, they have maintained their spot as one of the best.

Considering how good they are together, it is difficult to surmise what Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson would be like as singles competitors. Prior to being paired together in NXT, both men competed as singles wrestlers and did not fair well. It was not until their pairing did they begin to experience success. Why would they take a step back in their careers by separating?

17 Break Up - The Bar

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There is no denying that Sheamus and Cesaro have been successful as a team since being thrown together. Five runs as Tag Team Champions is certainly nothing to scoff at, however, they have so much more to offer as singles competitors. Sheamus has received his shot as a main-event wrestler, but Cesaro has always treaded water as a singles wrestler in WWE. Both men have the ability to perform exclusively at the main event level, but are currently stuck in this tag team.

If both men – particularly Cesaro – were finally given their chance to break out of The Bar, they would be much more successful.

With the main event scene missing top stars since the absence of Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar, it would be beneficial for everyone if WWE pulled the trigger and turned them into singles stars sooner than later.

16 Stay Together - IIconics

Via: Wrestling Inc.

As one of the few duos to remain a tag team after forming outside of WWE, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay have some history dating back to their early days working in Australia. This history allows them to gel differently than other tag teams on the roster. What the WWE Women's Tag Team division is currently missing is depth to their team members.

Each of the teams in the division are thrown-together with the exception of The IIconics. Since the newest Tag Team division could use more established teams, breaking up The IIconics should not be an option. If anything, they are exactly in the right place – as Champions of the division.

15 Break Up - Rusev/Nakamura

Via: Wrestle Yard

Putting two fledging wrestlers in a tag team has always been one of WWE's most often used tools in order to give them something to do. Considering that both Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura can be classified as two of the most under-utilized talents on WWE's roster, it is safe to say that they are a product of WWE's failure to book properly.

Both men have had their brush with the main event spotlight, but quickly fell down the pack and are stuck in obscurity. The strangest thing about them is that there is little discernable reason as to why they are teamed together. Without a reason to buy into them as a team, fans are rejecting them in the ring. It is a shame that so much ability in the ring is being wasted on a team which will not amount to anything.

14 Stay Together - Ryder/Hawkins

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After years of both of them floating in obscurity, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins are finally doing something of note in their WWE career. Both men have seen what life is like living at the bottom of the barrel as singles wrestlers, and it was not until they were paired back together did their careers finally take an upswing.

Ryder and Hawkins have finally found their footing as a team – breaking them up now would be the worst thing for both men.

Since finally reuniting prior to WrestleMania 34, they were able to accomplish the impossible - Curt Hawkins actually won a match! In spectacular fashion, the team was able to win the RAW Tag Team Championship and return to having serious wrestling careers. While the ride will not last forever, they should remain as a team because it is the only way they have experienced success.

13 Break Up - Boss & Hug Connection

via DivaDirt

While some thrown-together teams can wind up being among the best tag teams of all time, not all of them are destined for this. More often than not, two singles competitors are destined to just be singles competitors and cannot co-exist as a team forever. Bayley and Sasha Banks' stars are too bright to be stuck together as a team for the long run.

The Boss and The Hugger have seen their greatest success stories when they are vying (or holding) the Women's Championship. However, following their loss of the Women's Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania 34, Sasha Banks has not been seen on WWE television. With her career in jeopardy, it may be best for Bayley to distance herself so that she can resume her singles career.

12 Stay Together - Viking Raiders

Via: Monsters and Critics

Do not let the negative social media buzz around their name change fool you – the Viking Raiders are one of the best tag teams in the world. Call them whatever you like (except for the Viking Experience, that was awful), they will continue to be a unique and powerful force in the Tag Team division. Splitting up a team who has traveled across the world perfecting their craft would only be bad for WWE.

After dominating in Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling and NXT, Ivar and Erik have made it to the main roster. While their first appearances were shrouded in noise from their team names, they made an impact with their smash-mouth athleticism. There is no denying their abilities, but they are only powerful when grouped together, so there is no need to mess with this winning formula.

11 Break Up - Aleister Black/Ricochet

Via: TWNP-Wrestling News

Grouping together Aleister Black and Ricochet during their main roster debuts served a good purpose. It helped establish two great athletes to a new audience at once while also putting on great matches. However, both Black and Ricochet truly shine as singles competitors, not as members of a tag team.

Splitting up Black and Ricochet will be best for both of their careers in the long run.

Even since joining WWE, both men have flourished as singles wrestlers. Black is a former NXT Champion and Ricochet a former North American Champion. Their run as a tag team was entertaining, but it is time to give these two a chance where they truly belong – as singles wrestlers vying for a shot at the top.

10 Stay Together - The Ascension

Via: TWM Wrestling News

The story of The Ascension is certainly not a pleasing one, especially to Konnor and Viktor. After a record-setting run as NXT Tag Team Champions, they seemed poised to start a great career on the main roster as a team of monsters. However, after only a matter of weeks, WWE managed to turn them into a laughing stock.

Their main roster career has been incredibly disappointing, and they have faded into obscurity. The sad fact is that they are a very entertaining team together when given the opportunity. While it may sound best to break these two up, keeping them together is actually best for their career - as long as it is outside of WWE's control. If these two want to have successful careers, not resigning with WWE is in their best interest. There is a big world of independent wrestling outside of WWE, and there is a market for great tag team wrestling.

9 Break Up - The Hardy Boys

Via: WWE

There is no denying that Matt and Jeff Hardy changed the face of Tag Team wrestling during their time as a team. After beginning their run in WWE in 1998, their high-flying tactics set the tone for what wrestling would look like for the next twenty years. In fact, most wrestlers at the top of WWE would say that they were influenced by this tag team.

However, that also means that they have been putting on the same act for over twenty years. What WWE needs now are wrestlers to help the main event scene, not a Tag Team act that has been doing the same thing for two decades. It is time to put The Hardy Boys on the shelf permanently, and for Matt and Jeff to return to the singles landscape to help build the stars of tomorrow.

8 Stay Together - The Usos

via WrestlingEdge

There is a reason that when one Uso is injured, the other does not partake in a singles career. One Uso is not good without the other. Both Jimmy and Jey were groomed to be stellar Tag Team wrestlers from their childhood, and they have excelled at this since joining WWE. In fact, it is not out of this world to say that they are the best WWE Tag Team of the past decade.

The Usos are destined to be at the top of the Tag Team division for the rest of their careers.

With so much work being put in to make WWE Tag Team wrestling must-see TV, they have not allowed themselves to be World Championship style wrestlers. There is nothing wrong with this, but it does mean that they should remain together instead of being split up. Why fix what isn't broken?

7 Break Up - Mandy Rose/Sonya Deville

Via: The Sun

It is clear that WWE has high hopes for Mandy Rose as a member of the WWE roster. Despite her minimal time as a professional wrestler, she was quickly moved through the developmental system and on to the main roster. While she has improved steadily since her debut, she has spent her time teaming with Sonya Deville and not in a single's capacity.

If WWE truly wants both of these women to be big parts of the Women's division, it is time for them to see what life is like as singles competitors. There are new Women coming up through the ranks that can fill their spot as a female Tag Team, but it is time to fill in as challengers for the singles Championships.

6 Stay Together - Authors Of Pain

via YouTube

WWE's quota for unstoppable monsters vying for the WWE Championship is currently full. With wrestlers like Braun Strowman and Lars Sullivan rising up the ranks, alongside returning monsters like Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, now is not the time for either Akam or Rezar to go solo.

There is still a lot for this young tag team to accomplish before they take off their SWAT attire and try for a singles run. Their time as a team is still new, and the division needs their help before they move on. The AOP are monsters in the division, and they have the ability to be a force on their brand for a long time to come. There is no need to break that while there is still a lot to do.

5 Break Up - The Undisputed ERA

via WWE

It seems as though the seeds have already been planted for the breakup of the Undisputed ERA, but they cannot blossom fast enough. There is so much talent in this NXT faction, that they have been widely successful since teaming up. However, all of that talent needs room to grow, and it cannot be accomplished while they are tied together.

Roderick Strong and Adam Cole are destined for great things on the main event level, it is time to let them break free.

With two sure-fire singles stars and a decorated Tag Team in O'Reilly and Fish, it was only a matter of time before this group went their separate ways. All of the great teams who have big singles stars in them wind up breaking up at some point. WWE should just get this show on the road so these young, hungry lions can start their reign at the top.

4 Stay Together - Heavy Machinery

Via: Wrestling News World

Sometimes keeping two wrestlers together is more of a matter of preserving their careers than anything. Heavy Machinery is a newly put together team from NXT who has yet to prove themselves on the main roster as either a Tag Team of singles competitors. Splitting them up would only reserve them one-way tickets to a permanent spot on WWE Superstars.

The jury is still out on whether or not Otis and Tucker will be successful on the main roster after a less-than-stellar run in NXT. However, they are much better off sticking together than venturing off alone, as the world is much harder as a singles competitor than it is as a Tag Team.

3 Break Up - Lucha House Party

via WWE

Grouping together Kalisto, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik as Lucha House Party gave three spectacular athletes the chance to be on WWE television each week. While television time to good wrestlers is usually a good thing, this gimmick has deduced them to caricatures of what they should be doing on television.

Separately, each of these wrestlers has the ability to be at the top of 205 Live as Champion, however, they are relegated to doing silly things instead. It is highly unlikely that either of these wrestlers envisioned their idea of success to be dancing around or playing with piñatas. The sooner that this group breaks up and returns to vying for the Cruiserweight Championship, the better off everyone will be.

2 Stay Together - Kairi Sane/Asuka

Via: Pinterest

Just like Aleister Black and Ricochet, one of the best ways to introduce new talent to an audience is by teaming them together. Both Sane and Asuka are now named the Kabuki Warriors and are managed by former Divas Champion, Paige. After their previous teaming on NXT, fans know what these two are capable of. Considering the amount of help that the Women's Tag Team division needs now, they should be a welcome addition.

Both ladies are well equipped for a run on top of the Women's division as singles competitors. However, the WWE audience does not know them very well. Leaving these two together as top baby faces to compete for the Tag Team Championships will help establish them for their eventual singles runs.

1 Break Up - British Strong Style

via YouTube

For those that have not been able to experience it yet, NXT UK is currently showcasing some of the best wrestling in the world. Featuring some of the best athletes from both the United Kingdom and the United States, NXT UK is firing on all cylinders. Some of those best wrestlers make up the British Strong Style team. Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, and Trent Seven are incredible athletes, but not ever WWE fan has seen them before.

It is time for the rest of the WWE Universe to see what the wrestlers of NXT UK have to offer.

Pete Dunne showed the world what he can do while NXT UK Champion and Moustache Mountain made headlines with their recent five-star matches. Shouldn't these types of wrestlers be given big-time shots on the main roster? While an impending cross-country move would be difficult to facilitate, these three certainly have it coming in their future.


Are there any other tag teams who should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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