20 WWE Wrestlers That Clearly Aren't Happy

The world of WWE is incredibly complex and utterly bizarre at times, but even with that being the case, you'd still think they'd be able to make any and all members of their main roster happy.

Unfortunately, that isn't always the case, and there are plenty of guys and girls who don't seem to be enjoying the current state of affairs within the company.

We can't know that for sure but from everything that has been said and seen, it turns out that WWE isn't the land of opportunity anymore - or at least, it isn't exactly a paradise or home away from home.

20 The Revival

Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson have made it perfectly clear on social media that they aren’t exactly 100% convinced by their current stay in WWE. Sure, they’ve been heavily featured as of late, but we’re not so sure that is going to buy their happiness for much longer – especially with AEW calling.

19 Karl Anderson

We haven’t included Luke Gallows in here because we think that he’s just been through too much in his career to even care about how heavily they’re featured. Karl Anderson, on the other hand, seems to have a bit more potential at this stage of his career and clearly wants a bit more.

18 EC3

You don’t have to be a genius to work out that EC3 isn’t happy with his current state of affairs in WWE. The guy is just dying to break out and make something of a real impact (pun not intended), but they don’t want to push the guy to where he deserves to be.

17 Curt Hawkins

While Hawkins may be doing some fun stuff on the side with Zack Ryder, we refuse to believe he wants to be relegated to jobber status week in and week out on WWE television. He’s very, very good, and there are enough available slots on the roster for him to showcase that.

16 Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy’s demons have been evident for all to see for a long, long time now, and they have been rearing their ugly head once again as of late. Some would argue that there’s just nothing that can be done to help him, but we refuse to believe that’s the case.

15 Rusev

Being booked into a feud where your wife is literally cheating on you in front of your very eyes with Bobby Lashley? Yeah, that just isn’t going to fly. Rusev should be doing great things in the world of pro wrestling and instead, he’s been relegated to this. Great stuff, WWE.

14 Dolph Ziggler

Dolph is the kind of guy that quite clearly wants to be in a featured, main event role most of the time. While that can’t always be the case he is certainly featuring a lot more on WWE programming lately, but he should’ve taken the chance to test the waters outside of the company.

13 Liv Morgan

Liv was separated from The Riot Squad and it should’ve been the start of something really great for her as a singles star. It wasn’t, though, and while they may have some kind of plan for her, she probably wasn’t picturing sitting on the bench for all this time. Something needs to be done.

12 Sasha Banks

They brought Sasha back with the clear aim of making her happy and giving the former champion a purpose. That happened for a few months during her feud with Becky Lynch, but unless they maintain this forward trajectory, Banks will be looking for new ventures before too long – and so she should.

11 Luke Harper

Luke asked for his release from WWE a while ago now and instead of granting it, the company decided to keep him hostage and only drag him out when it was convenient for them during the Erick Rowan, Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan storyline. It’s a little bit sad, really.

10 Kalisto

The subtle digs from Kalisto on social media are one thing, but his clear disconnect with the current product is all the evidence we need that he isn’t happy. There was potential there, but Kalisto feels like the type of wrestler that belongs outside of the circle instead of in it.

9 ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt

They gave him the kind of character that he always wanted and always desired, then they booked him like a fool. It does feel like Wyatt belongs at the top level in WWE and that hasn’t changed, but not like this. They need to wise up and get a bit more creative with his booking.

8 The Usos

The Usos aren’t exactly immune from controversy outside of the ring, which is a massive shame, because in the ring they happen to be one of the best tag teams in the world. There’s a clear discontent in play here, but it just isn’t quite obvious what that is or how it’s going to manifest itself.

7 Maria Kanellis

Maria has made it clear in the past that she isn’t a massive fan of WWE’s booking, and even when she’s heavily pregnant, they’re putting her in storylines that just don’t make a whole lot of sense. Her husband has left the company, and she surely won’t be all too far behind.

6 Cesaro

Instead of booking Cesaro, one of the most well-rounded stars in the company, to look really strong, they make him put over every other guy under the sun. He should be featured as a main event star but they have never viewed him in that way, and the Swiss star is well aware of that fact.

5 Sami Zayn

How can Sami be 100% on board with a company that associates itself with Saudi Arabia? Well, quite clearly he isn’t 100% on board, and he’s had his fair share of issues with the company over the years. Whether or not he’ll be there in a few years is another matter altogether.

4 Shorty G

We’ve put Shorty G but we all know his name is Chad Gable and the fact that he’s been renamed Shorty G should tell you all that you need to know. We aren’t going to act like we know what’s going on inside his head, but it’s not the kind of comedy we think he’d find particularly fun.

3 Lars Sullivan

Lars’ many issues both in the past and within his own mental state have been well documented, to the point where he isn’t really being featured in any way, shape or form at this moment in time. The guy needs time to develop and grow into his role, and WWE doesn’t seem to want to commit to that.

2 Randy Orton

How many jabs and jibes does Randy need to put forward on social media until people start realizing that he’s not entirely happy? He can’t say enough nice things about All Elite Wrestling, either, which could cause WWE a few problems somewhere down the road. For now, he seems to just do what he wants.

1 The IIconics

They were given the keys to the castle in the form of the women’s tag team titles, but WWE didn’t really trust them to thrive in the role. Since they lost the belts they’ve barely been featured, and you can sense the frustration building up within both of them right now.

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