15 WWE Wrestlers Who Should've Fired Their Manager (5 Who Need To Hire One)

WWE has been around for more than half a century, and over the course of its existence, the company has produced some of the biggest names in the history of professional wrestling. These wrestlers became as popular as they did because of a combination of things: in-ring skill, charisma, and their ability to tell a story. Quite a few wrestlers are able to perform and succeed on their own, but in many cases, wrestlers need some help, and that is usually the reason why they are given a manager.

A manager's role is to elevate talent by making them look strong, whether it be on the mic or during actual matches, and history is filled with wrestlers who achieved greatness thanks to their manager, but there are also wrestlers who got stuck with managers who did nothing for them. With that said, here are 15 WWE wrestlers who should have fired their managers, and 5 who would benefit from having one.

20 Who Should've Fired Theirs: Deuce 'n Domino


Deuce 'n Domino took on the persona of greasers from the 1950s and 60s, so it only made sense that their manager would be a good looking blond on roller skates. Those skates were Cherry Pie's best feature though, as she offered nothing on the mic, and had zero charisma, which explains why the team was done after just a few months.

19 Who Should've Fired Theirs: RVD


Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez were perfect together, as it was 100% believable that Del Rio needed his own ring announcer, and Rodriguez played his part brilliantly too, especially during matches. When Del Rio kicked him aside, he became RVD's announcer, but this was a short-lived partnership due to the fact that it did not fit RVD's persona whatsoever.

18 Who Should've Fired Theirs: Mr. Perfect


Mr. Perfect was basically the complete package: he had charisma, he could wrestle, and he was good on the mic, which is why it does not make sense that he was partnered with John Tolos, who was known as Coach at the time. Coach was meant to sell Perfect as a heel, but he did not do anything other than blow his whistle.

17 Who Should've Fired Theirs: The Boogeyman


The boogeyman may have not accomplished much title wise while in the WWE, but he has left a lasting impression in the company. The Boogeyman is a creepy and crazy character who eats worms, and of all the managers WWE could have given him, they gave him a miniature version of himself, which turned the character into an even bigger joke.

16 Who Should've Fired Theirs: Booker T


Booker T is one of only a handful of two-time Hall of Famers, but even he had to deal with a bad manager, and in his case, that manager also happened to be his wife. Since her husband was already loved by the fans, Sharmell could not really elevate him, which is why screaming and getting "taken" during feuds were the only things she had to offer.

15 Who Should've Fired Theirs: Dino Bravo


In the late 1980s, Dino Bravo was in line for a push, which is why the WWE paired him with Frenchy Martin, a fellow Quebec native who went on to have a dismal career as a manager. Bravo's push was a failure, and Martin can be blamed for that, because he spent more time waving an anti-American flag than actually elevating his talent.

14 Who Should've Fired Theirs: Curtis Axel


Paul Heyman is the best manager in the WWE today, and one of the best in the entire industry, which is why it is a shame that he finds himself on this part of the list. Curtis Axel is Mr. Perfect's son, and great things were expected from him, which is why he was partnered with Heyman, but Paul failed to make him look strong in every way possible.

13 Who Should've Fired Theirs: Jack Swagger


In 2013, Jack Swagger was teamed up with Zeb Colter, and the two went on to have a long run as heels. Zeb was actually a great fit, as he more than made up for Swagger's lackluster mic skills, but at the end of the day, the only thing that was elevated from this partnership was the "We the People" chant.

12 Who Should've Fired Theirs: The Great Khali


The Great Khali was supposed to be an intimidating force, but seeing as he could not speak much English, he needed a manager to talk for him. He actually had two managers for this, and they both failed, but Ranjin Singh was the worst, as he is remembered more for his sideburns than for what he was able to produce on the mic.

11 Who Should've Fired Theirs: Darren Young


In 2016, Darren Young was going to receive a big single's push, but that plan crashed and burned right from the beginning. Bob Backlund was paired with Young and served as his life coach, but their segments together caused audiences to change the channel more often than not, to the point that no one viewed Young as a legitimate single's star.

10 Who Should've Fired Theirs: Umaga


Umaga was designed to be a powerhouse in the WWE, and like other would-be "monsters," he was given a manager who portrayed a businessman. In this case, it was Armando Estrada, who went a bit overboard with the cliche Cuban heel persona. Estrada actually had some mic skills, which normally would have worked, but the crowd ended up liking him more than Umaga.

9 Who Should've Fired Theirs: Bobby Lashley


When Bobby Lashley returned to the WWE last year, he had a hard time reconnecting with the crowd, which is why they decided to pair him up with Leo Rush. Lashley needed help on the mic, and Rush was supposed to be his voice, but all he basically did was say Lashley's name over and over again, to the point that the duo became obnoxious.

8 Who Should've Fired Theirs: JBL


JBL was the top heel on SmackDown for years, and he played the rich businessman perfectly, and like many businessmen, he needed a chief of staff. Orlando Jordan got that opportunity, but for the most part, he just stood around and smiled, and that is because WWE could not think of anything for him to actually say or do.

7 Who Should've Fired Theirs: Tiger Ali Singh


Tiger Ali Singh was in the WWE for five years, and he accomplished virtually nothing in that time. Ali Singh had no charisma, and it definitely did not help that he had Babu following him, because this sorry excuse of a manager/manservant never spoke and was belittled constantly by Ali Singh.

6 Who Should've Fired Theirs: Shelton Benjamin


Shelton Benjamin is a good wrestler, and WWE has done him a great disservice by constantly trying to improve his character. The worst decision that the company made for him, was making his "mom" his manager, a move that managed to produce a few funny backstage segments, but it also caused Benjamin to look like a weak mama's boy.

5 Who Needs One: Nia Jax


Nia Jax has been off TV for months due to two ACL injuries, and when she comes back, she will need a little bit of help getting back on track. Nia has always had difficulty connecting with the crowd, so it makes sense to let a manager take care of that instead, and Paige would be a good fit seeing as she is free now.

4 Who Needs One: Ricochet


Ricochet is amazing in the ring, but as we have seen in the past, talented high flyers cannot get by with just their skills for prolonged periods of time. As far as his mic work is concerned, Ricochet is mediocre at best, which is why he would benefit from having a mouthpiece, and since she is not wrestling at the moment, Alexa Bliss would be a good fit.

3 Who Needs One: Ronda Rousey


Ronda has not been seen since WrestleMania, but everyone knows that she will be back at some point, and when that happens, she will likely have a much different persona. She can easily become the Brock Lesnar of the Women's division, and every Lesnar needs someone like Paul Heyman, who is capable of cutting a promo better than anyone.

2 Who Needs One: AOP


When the Authors of Pain were in NXT, they looked like a dominant force, and it helped that they were managed by Paul Ellering, the man who managed the Road Warriors. AOP lost Ellering shortly after being called up to the main roster, and since then, they have more or less become irrelevant, which is why they need someone like Mark Henry to emphasize their physicality.

1 Who Needs One: Aleister Black


As of now, Aleister Black is not being used properly, and that is a shame because he has the potential to be a real star. Aleister's character is dark and Gothic, and that kind of gimmick can work really well, but it would help if he had someone to play off of, someone like Nikki Cross, or possibly a re-packaged Liv Morgan.

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