WWYD? 20 Posts That Ask The Hardest Questions In Life

When I was in elementary school, everyone played that little game called M.A.S.H. It was pretty much a handwritten game that guessed what someone’s life would be like when they grew up. Whoever was writing out the game would come up with supposed spouses, careers, cars, income, the amount of kids we would have… M.A.S.H was pretty much everyone’s dream life. (That is, unless someone wrote down bad options for fun.)

This game then spiraled into a sort of “what would you do?” situation in terms of relationships and scenarios. (Ex: What would you do if Brad Pitt AND Matt Damon asked you out at the same time — who would you say yes to?)

But now that it’s 2018, I’m pretty sure M.A.S.H. is out of style. There’s probably some sort of app out there that does the same thing but a little more high tech because… well, it’s 2018 and not 1999. However, we don’t need a game to figure out what we should do in different situations. There are plenty of people online who like asking these questions, just to see what answers we come up with. And trust me, the following WWYD questions (and answers!) are hilarious. So, WWYD?

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20 Is This A Serious Question?

“What would you do if someone left you $8.7 million?” Ummm… If I won that kind of cash from the lottery or from a family member, I wouldn’t have the time to write about it on Twitter, I’ll say that much. The last thing I would be doing is sitting on my phone, replying to people’s tweets. I would be out on a beach somewhere or hiking some famous mountain in the wilderness.

The girl who responded, however, had other plans. She wouldn’t quit her job and go traveling. Instead, she’s claiming that her college tuition is essentially over $8 million. And then when she had $10 left over from paying her bills, she’d go to the movies.

*Spoiler alert* The movies cost around $13 these days, so you won’t even have that much to see a movie after you pay off your loans, baby girl.

While I doubt her loans are upwards of $8 million, I appreciate her wit. Regardless of what she was gifted, she obviously has a few student loans to pay off and that’s what she would do first. Personally, yeah, of course I would pay off my loans but I’d also do that while buying a home on an island somewhere.

Sorry, I just really want to go to the beach...

19 I Would Run Home So Fast

Listen, I’m not a snake lady. I have no idea what kind of snake that is, mainly because I never come in contact with these kinds of reptiles.

My best friend just moved from the hustle and bustle of New York to Oklahoma City and she is quite familiar with snakes, spiders, and strange insects now that she’s shifted from the North to the South. How one gets used to checking their garage for snakes every morning is beyond me.

Regardless of my bestie’s relationship with snakes, if I dropped my keys in front of this kind snake… I would run SO fast — the snake wouldn’t even know I was there. I know people are supposed to inch away slowly from the snake, as to not startle it, but eff that. My butt is running home. I’d leave the car. Who cares. I would call a tow company to literally tow my car as long as I can ride along with them until I found a spare key.

WHO KNOWS IF THIS SNAKE IS VENOMOUS!? Your life is at stake! Leave the keys and GTFO of there. (Then again, if this snake is actually super safe, what a waste of running miles and miles away, right?)

18 Quit Asking Us This, Susan!

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve asked myself this question a few times. What would I do without my phone? Adding to that, what would I do without my laptop? I’m so busy these days that the only things in my purse are my laptop, phone, and wallet.

I’m not kidding — I bring my laptop everywhere with me because I don’t know when I’ll have to find a document, answer an important email, or write something up at the drop of a hat. (This, of course, led me to needing a bigger bag — which I despise.)

Regardless, this kind of “what would you do” question is something many older people have asked us Millennials. And while I’m sure they mean well, it’s just annoying.

Like the meme states; Susan, what would your life be like without your walker?

Probably an unpleasant one, right?

We don’t even need phones for social media. I mean, at the end of the day, who really cares about our stupid bios. We need that little phone for the Google Maps app. How the heck else would I know where I’m going!? (And no, I don’t have random maps just chilling in my car. I rely on my phone for my Google Maps and Starbucks app. Goodbye.)

17 Train Him Or Leave Him

I don’t know if I necessarily believe in one soulmate. I think people can have many soulmates, either through a significant other, a one-night encounter, or through friends. Think about how much we’ve changed over the years. I am nowhere near the person I was when I was 18. Nor am I the same person I was when I was 25. We grow, we mature, our desires change… That being said, so do the people we connect with. And guess what? That’s all okay!

However, I am not God, so I have no idea if we really do just have ONE soulmate. Out of all the people in on this planet, that’s a scary thought that only ONE can mesh with you perfectly. But what if you really did meet your soulmate?

You’re on plane and end up sitting next to this wonderful person. They’re everything you could have asked for, and your conversation does not take much effort. Midway through the plane ride it’s clear the feelings are mutual, and by the end of the ride you already have a date. But that’s when it happens — the plane lands successfully and they CLAP.

The. Friggin'. Clap.

Soulmates or not — no thanks. I’m out.

16 I Did Not See This Coming

Um, I cannot be alone in saying I did not see this coming. Usually when people find out their partner is sneaking around on them, they either start an argument to confront what’s happening (in order to resolve it) or they end the relationship.

In this day and age, dating seems so complicated. There are so many apps and so many ways of meeting people, that it’s hard to tell if the person you’re talking to is also talking to other people. I mean, I know honesty is key and you should be with someone you trust. But how much can we really trust someone we met online? I don’t know — maybe I’m cynical. But it’s situations like the one above that give me HIVES.

If I found someone’s photos on my mans phone — I’d probably screenshot everything, send them to myself, flush his phone, and then present the evidence. But umm.. I never thought about sending him photos of another woman that he already received! That’s just… that’s some mischievous thinking right there. She should write a short-story or something. I like where her mind is heading. It’s kind of petty, don’t get me wrong, but so is sneaking around on someone who trusted you.

15 The Answer Is Very Easy, Guys

Am I out of the loop or something? Is Fanta making a comeback? I know the orange flavor of Fanta is popular and all that, but do people love it enough that they’d rather drink it than live in a multi-million dollar home?

This isn’t just a mansion… This is a mansion with smaller mansions also on the property. Think about it! You can live here with literally everyone you’re close with and still have enough room where you don’t see them everywhere.

I would call dibs on the west-wing and let me mom have the house in the back. I mean, sure, the taxes on this this is probably incredible, but if taxes are included in this hypothetical question, then I’d give up Fanta SO quick. Heck, I’d give up soda in general to live here! I’d literally give up Fanta just to live in the pool house, if I’m being honest. Plus, think about who your neighbors would be. They obviously have to be some pretty high rolling people. So living next to them in a FREE home is well worth giving up Fanta. Heck, I’d probably lose weight from all the sugar I’d be cutting out. It’s a win-win!

14 I Don't Know If I Could Answer This...

I know a lot of people think this is an easy answer, but it’s really not. There are some people out there who are petrified of these cockroaches. Some even have phobias of them. So, while $75-million sounds beyond amazing — it would not be an easy win.

You’re not in this little bathroom for two hours — you’d be in here for 24! Think about that! We sleep pretty much six-eight hours a night (at least we’re supposed to). So Out of those 24 hours you’re stuck in a bathroom with cockroaches, you’re probably gonna doze off a few times. And if you can fall asleep peacefully in a bathroom with hundreds of cockroaches — you deserves millions of dollars anyway.

People might say they would do this easily, making “friends” with the roaches. But I be there are a ton of people who would do their best at slaying every cockroach that looks their way. But then again, those babies are hard to end… So, if anything, they’re just gonna get mad at probably end up attacking you anyway.

I know $75-million sounds amazing… but I don’t know if I’d physically be able to stomach this. (Also, why is there a skull in there…)

13 Um, I'd Do Nothing?

I see these kinds of memes all over the Internet and they’re infuriating. They really annoy me! I don’t know why they annoy me so much, but I think it’s because I think some people are SO pathetic. Like, a person is literally gonna splash $300 of their own money on someone who looks flawless from the back? Are you serious? I just think it’s valid and pathetic.

I’m straight, but if a girl’s card declined in front of me, I would just say “wow, sorry girl. Now can you step aside so I can pay for my stuff and leave? Thanks.”

This isn’t Burger King; you can’t always have it your way.

12 A Tarant—What?!

I’M SORRRY, WTF IS A TARANTULA HAWK WASP? Oh, did you think this was fake and just your run-of-the-mill meme? You’re wrong. This bad boy is as real as they come. These particular wasps HUNT tarantulas. I had no idea specific bigs hunted those terrifying things, but here we are. They exist.

I don’t know how poisonous these bad boys are, but if I were bitten by one—poisonous or not—I’d probably die from fear. There’s no way someone bounces back from something like this. Even seeing a wasp of that size is life ending, imagine if it actually stung you... Or... ate you... WHATEVER IT DOES!

11 *Amen*

I’m not a church-goer. But I do have a conscience. I know what’s right from wrong, and I respect people’s religions (as long as it involves not hurting other people).

That being said, if I found THIS much money on a church basement... I’d have to be smart about this. I’d probably put ALL the money inside a bag and hide it somewhere else in the basement... I’d wait a few days and see if the money was moved. If it was, then I would know it was a dangerous situation and someone was presently involved with the money... But if that money wasn’t touched and there were cobwebs and such on it... Boy bye. I’m taking the money and never looking back.

10 I Think We Should Get Back Together

Breakups are never easy. Even if both people are super unhappy, ending a relationship is scary. You’re no longer relying on another person for anything — it’s just you. And do you know what? That’s OKAY! Being along is good! You find out who you are, what you like, and you can do whatever the heck you wanna do!

But hearing your ex winning the lottery mere hours after breaking up is hard to hear...

Do you reach out and congratulate them? Do you try and get back together? Or do you just ignore them and tell everyone about your misfortune!? Clearly this man would try to do anything he could for a chance at some money, but man... That’s a tough pill to swallow.

9 Okay, jack

The first commenter (Jack) clearly did not think this through. He's seriously telling himself that if he woke up as won superhero, he'd fall back asleep until he woke up as ANOTHER superhero... Okay, sure.

First of all, the odds of becoming a superhero are slim to none. So if a person did, in fact, achieve super powers over night, they should probably do their best to utilize the gifts they were given. Ignoring them or hoping to become Batman instead is just selfish.

I hope Jack never becomes Superman in his sleep because he clearly would not help the world in anyway whatsoever. He'd rather go running around being sulky in a bat suit. #Noted.

8 I Wouldn't Even Know Where To Start

This is a great question. It's also question that I didn't want to think too hard about — I wanted it to come organically. And do you know what song popped in my head... If I had six minutes left to live on this earth, and someone asked for a song request, the song would be "Honey" by Mariah Carey.

Why? I HAVE NO IDEA. I don't even love Mariah! I mean, the woman is obviously talented — there's no questioning that. It's the fact that she's a sassy diva that kind of ruins her music for me. But here I am, with six minutes left to live. And I chose "Honey" from the '90s.

Who am I...


If there’s one thing I think every single person in the world can agree on is that basements—without lights—are scary places. Even if a basement is completely furnished and has everything it could ever need to be comfortable, basements automatically give off that “run fast” vibe.

My best friend and I used to always host movie nights in her basement. And for whatever reason, she adored watching scary movies — so that’s usually what we ended up watching. We’d shut off the lights mid movie but when it comes to leaving the basement and being the last one down there... it was game over. We would run up those stairs SO fast! The dog-like creature in the image is exactly who we were running away from too. Wasn’t everyone!?

6 I'd Take Off My Shoe

Excuse me, World. @NoTextsBack makes AN AMAZING POINT. The original post NEVER said anything about ending this little bunny’s life! The original post just said “step on” for $1.5 billion.

Lightly tapping this little baby on the head, so that they know to leave the sidewalk and to find their bunny home is the best way to win the money. This way, the bunny won’t get hurt from other rude humans or cars, and you get to walk away with over a billion dollars! I literally see no downside to this.

Also, the original poster never said anything about wearing shoes. So I’d take off my shoes, put on the softest socks, and go from there.

5 You Have Three Seconds To Decide

No matter how scary some spiders can be, I think we can all agree that that we would never let the school burn to the ground, all because we were too scared of a spider to put on the sprinklers.

Whoever runs away from this situation and let's the school burn is pretty much saying they're more scared of an insect than having the desire to live. I mean, I think this is a great instance of where someone's flight or fight instinct kicks in, right? Your adrenaline is probably going so fast, that the thought of a spider crawling on your hand isn't the WORST thing that could happen.

4 I'd Probably Crash The Car

While this meme should scare the pants off me, it really doesn't because this is a situation I've been planning for since 2003 when I saw the horror film Gothica. The Halle Barry horror film WRECKED ME. As did The Ring. Those two movies combined made me realize that just because I'm driving alone at night, does not mean I'm really alone. Anything—and I mean anything—could pop out in the middle of the road.

So, since I think about this whenever the moon pops up. I would NOT break my car (I've seen these movies enough to no do such a thing). And I would NOT stop my car to see if this ghost/person was okay.

I would RUN over them ASAP and continue driving until that sun came up.

3 Are We Really That Money Hungry?

You guys! Are we really THAT money-driven that we're allowing a woman to die on our hands because we'd rather live comfortably for the rest of our lives? Don't get me wrong, have $10-million would be magical and I would live a stress-free life — as would my friends and family. However, I would never choose money over this person's life.

Even the fact that someone decided to make this meme is rather questionable. Is this where we're at in the world? We're kicking people off the planet as long as we get money? I don't know, it just sound so... wrong to me? But then again, I have to be an idiot. Because I'm clearly the person who would save a stranger's life and get nothing out of it, than take home $10-million.

2 I Definitely Would Not Do This

There are some things that we know will come back around in style. Leather pants always seem to pop up here and again. Bell-bottom jeans or trends from the '90s are making a comeback. I've even seen some supermodels wearing butterfly clips in there hair! Fashion seems to recycle itself sometimes. But... I don't think I could have ever predicted this trend...

Fidget spinners started off as a way to help those who have trouble focusing, focus. However, it turned into more of a fad than something that helped those with fidgeting.

The fidget spinner craze went WILD. Everyone had one or two, you could buy them everywhere, and even professional sporting teams were handing  them out. The problem is, they're one of those things I don't think anyone NEEDS on their teeth...

1 Great Question!

If I were invisible for the day, I'd probably do everything I wouldn't normally be able to do— which is a lot of things... So maybe having more than 24 hours to do this would be better. Nevertheless, the first thing I would do is see if it's true that my partner DOES NOT sing to himself in the car. He says he doesn't and I still don't believe him.

Jokes aside, I'd probably board a plane to somewhere tropical and eat peoples leftovers. I'd pretty much only do things that cost money so that I can feel better knowing I did them, I just didn't have to pay for them.

Are my answers lame? I guess I'd check out the men's locker room and see what goes down in there, but that's honestly all that comes to mind.


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