X-Men: 17 MCU Rumored Casting That Make WAY Too Much Sense (And 3 That Don't)

With Disney's recent acquisition of Fox and their properties, fans across the globe started to rejoice. The possibility of the X-Men and Fantastic Four becoming part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe wasn't a dream anymore, it was a reality. With the X-Men now in the hands of Marvel, Marvel Studios, and Kevin Feige it seems like we're less than a couple of years away from the announcement of cast members and their plan on introducing them into this decade long ongoing universe.

Considering the Fox X-Men universe focused strongly on Wolverine and in many ways centered on him, it wouldn't be alarming to see Feige go in a completely different direction. Some are speculating that we might not see Wolverine for years after the X-Men and Fantastic Four are introduced. The idea is that the Marvel Cinematic Universe of the X-Men would focus on the kids themselves and less so on old uncle Logan. He'll be an important piece to the overall plan, but leading with him runs the risk of making feel like Marvel's telling a far too similar story to what Fox tried to do multiple times.

All of the castings we're currently hearing about are rumors or fan casts and nothing has been confirmed as official. Often times people don't consider the possibility of a studio casting a relatively unknown in order to save on budget as well as develop their own talent from the ground up. Let's now take a look at 17 rumored Marvel Cinematic Universe castings that make way too much sense, and 3 that just don't make any sense at all.

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20 Lakeith Stanfield As Nightcrawler

via thecut.com

Lakeith Stanfield is best known for playing quirky and eccentric characters that could easily come off as creepy if he wasn't so naturally charismatic and charming. He's best known for appearing in Get Out and starring in both Atlanta and Sorry To Bother You. Nightcrawler is blue, so any arguments that he has to be a white actor are not worth the time or energy. Stanfield has been on record as wanting to portray the Joker in the DC films, but maybe his first big superhero role could be as the mysterious mutant, Nightcrawler.

19 Hailee Steinfeld As Rogue

via tvovermind.com

Rogue had a very weird trajectory in Fox's X-Men universe. She was the budding love interest of Wolverine, and though there's nothing wrong with creating new romances for film, the age difference always made it feel weird. If they decide to skew younger for the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe they should look to make casting Rogue a priority. Hailee Steinfeld is hot off the heels of her performance in Bumblebee and it's only a matter of time before she makes her way into the live-action superhero genre. She may not end up as Rogue, but here's hoping it's somewhere in the MCU.

18 Tom Hardy As Wolverine

Via: People

With the recent rumors that Sony wants Venom to make his way into the 3rd Marvel Studios produced Spider-Man film, it's hard to imagine this casting taking place if Marvel decides to go through with this plea. Most people believe it won't happen due to Kevin Feige's benchmark of quality and structure for their films, so there's a strong chance it doesn't happen. If so, this means that we could possibly see Tom Hardy enter the shoes of Hugh Jackman as everyone's favorite grumpy uncle. Hopefully, they'll give Tom Hardy a voice we can understand clearly.

17 No Sense: Richard Madden As Cyclops

via gqaustralia.com

If you clicked on this list and didn't expect to see former Game of Thrones actors, I don't know what to tell you. Whenever a major pop culture television show or series ends you'll see the talented actors who were tied to a long-running series want to spread their wings and pursue various other projects. Richard Madden, who played Robb Stark, recently had a Netflix film release and was also in the running for James Bond. Richard Madden doesn't really feel like a leading man in Hollywood, which seems like the type of actor Cyclops needs at this point.

16 Javier Bardem As Apocalypse

via britishgq.com

Despite all of the issues with X-Men: Apocalypse, Oscar Isaac did the best with what he was given. It's hard to blame him for how lackluster the antagonist of the film came across considering he's almost always the best part of the films he's in. With the X-Men coming into the Marvel Cinematic Universe you'd assume that Apocalypse will eventually make an appearance considering he's vital to the origin of mutants. Javier Bardem can be intimidating and can display an unnerving presence that makes him an ideal candidate for the role of Apocalypse.

15 Andrew Garfield As Iceman

via denofgeek.com

Yes, we understand that he was once Peter Parker in the Amazing Spider-Man films, but that had nothing to do with Marvel Studios or their franchise of films. Andrew Garfield is a good actor and deserves another chance in the superhero genre. He could definitely take on the role of several X-Men, but Iceman may be the most interesting. There are a lot of things that have happened with the character in comics recently and it'd be nice to see Andrew Garfield take on the role and know he's in it for the long haul and not just two films.

14 No Sense: Armie Hammer As Cyclops

via filmschoolrejects.com

Armie Hammer is a Hollywood leading man that has yet to truly lead anything. Despite having a name similar to the cleaning product and starring Disney's Lone Ranger box office flop, Armie Hammer hasn't really done a whole lot on the big screen. Many people thought he'd make a great Batman or Hal Jordan in the DC films, but recently the internet has offered the idea of him as Wolverine, Nova, and most notably Cyclops. The character hasn't had the most accurate portrayal in the Fox films, but maybe it's a poetic pairing that could bring redemption to both character and actor alike.

13 Colin Firth As Professor X

via variety.com

If we're under the assumption that Marvel Studios will be looking to cast an older Professor Xavier than there are a ton of candidates out there that simply need to shave their head and audition. That's how auditions work, right? Colin Firth is a tremendous actor with tons of range and has shown the ability to play brilliantly in drama films as well as comedies. That's exactly the type of actor you need for Professor Xavier. It needs to be someone who can be firm and intellectual, but be able to express levity and understanding when need be.

12 Bryan Cranston As Mr. Sinister

via movieweb.com

It's rare that you see an actor as celebrated and old as Bryan Cranston yearning for the chance to play a specific character in a superhero film. Cranston has stated on several occasions that he'd love to take on the role of Mr. Sinister from the X-Men. After his stint as the dad on Malcolm In The Middle, the entertainment world realized how great of an actor Cranston was in his portrayal of Walter White in Breaking Bad. He's the rare talent that can play the likable and charismatic dad and can quickly morph into a vile and sinister kingpin.

11 Natalia Dyer As Kitty Pryde

via heightline.com

Are you a fan of Stranger Things? Then you're familiar with Natalia Dyer who plays Nancy Wheeler, the older sister of lead protagonist Mike Wheeler, and the interest of Steve, Dustin, and ultimately Jonathan Byers. She's an up-and-coming actress who seems to be looking for work outside of Stranger Things and most recently had a part in Netflix's Velvet Buzzsaw in early 2019. Kitty Pryde, who was played by the brilliant Ellen Page in the Fox X-Men franchise, is an important character and casting Natalia Dyer not only gets you a young budding star, she could be the anchor that holds it all together.

10 Rory McCann As Sabertooth

via bbc.com

Most people will not recognize this actor's name despite seeing him as one of their favorite characters on Game of Thrones. Rory McCann is, of course, the man who played Sandor Clegane aka The Hound. With Season 8 of Game of Thrones marking the end of his commitment to the HBO product, we'll likely see many of the cast members approached for roles in other major entertainment projects. In some way or another, we'd all love to see the man who brought the Hound to life embrace another role and knocks it out of the park. The grumpy and grizzled Sabertooth may be such a role.

9 Miles Teller As Cyclops

via hollywoodreporter.com

Miles Teller is in a strange position considering he's already starred in a Marvel movie. Many people would like to forget the film ever existed, but Miles Teller was Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic in Fox's second attempt at a movie about Marvel's first family. Teller is also in the weird boat where he's been on the cusp of Hollywood leading man but has never really broken into the star category. He's great at playing the straight man and being the leader, so if the Marvel Cinematic Universe wants to try a more comic accurate take on Cyclops he might be the guy.

8 Rami Malek As Nightcrawler

via hollywoodreporter.com

Now, Rami Malek is coming hot off the heels of Oscar nominations and wins for his performance in Bohemian Rhapsody, where he nailed the role of Freddie Mercury. It's hard to imagine that he'd be interested in playing a role that wasn't necessarily a mutant who gets a lot of screen time. Though Mystique was the same way up until they cast Jennifer Lawrence and made her a focal point. Rami Malek is a great actor and can really tap into weird and unnerving character traits. Like Lakeith Stanfield he's the perfect type of actor to take on the role of the punished teleporter.

7 No Sense: Oscar Isaac As Wolverine

via gq.com

Hot off the heels of the internet becoming obsessed with casting Oscar Isaac as Batman in Matt Reeves upcoming trilogy of films, it seems like the focus has shifted to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and their cast of characters returning home. Oscar Isaac has the fortune of working with Disney on blockbusters by way of playing Poe Dameron in the new Star Wars trilogy. Just because he's grizzled doesn't mean he should be Logan, many people would argue that casting him as Dr. Doom would be a fitting role for such a talented actor.

6 Natalie Dormer As Mystique

via rte.ie

Natalie Dormer is coming hot off the heels of her performance as Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones. She did a great job of playing a well-meaning woman who was trying to put her family in the best place to succeed. Dormer did a great job of showcasing how Margaery was willing to change her personality and approach based on which king she was pursuing. Mystique is able to manipulate situations and individuals thanks in large part to her shape-shifting abilities. In many ways, it feels like her role as Margaery was training for the role of Mystique in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

5 Asa Butterfield As Angel

via thefamouspeople.com

Many people would likely recognize Asa Butterfield from either Ender's Game, or more recently his leading role on [Love] Education on Netflix. He's really great at coming across as the awkward and quirky teenager who is still trying to come into his own. As Angel, he would be taking on the role of a character who struggles with his powers and how they directly reflect back on his family. The only issue would be his possible turn to Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants. Asa hasn't really taken on a sinister or troubled role in a major way.

4 Sean Bean As Magneto

via digitalspy.com

Wouldn't it be great to finally see Sean Bean in a role where he survived more than one movie or season? Sean Bean is an actor who everyone loves, but he's often forgotten about when it comes to the process of lining up open roles with an actor who may be perfect for the part. Magneto has always been an interesting villain because he's not inherently evil, he's protective and loyal to a fault. All he wants is for mutants to be safe and treated fairly and his distrust of humans comes from personal experience. Sean Bean could nail the role and showcase the real grey area of Magneto's convictions.

3 Evan Rachel Wood As Jean Grey

via glamour.com

Westworld may have started in a really great spot and lost the immaculate luster after the release of the second season, but Evan Rachel Wood has been riding a high for a good while. She's a tremendously talented actor who has a real presence about her and can bring gravitas with her performances. Wood is the type of actor you cast to lead a franchise for years to come. If you cast her as Jean Grey, or even Susan Storm you've got a tremendous talent that can become a beloved and iconic part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2 Ansel Elgort As Iceman

via teenvogue.com

Ansel Elgort can sometimes come across as an indie-preferring kind of actor, but it seems that he's most interested in playing intriguing characters in projects that are exciting, refreshing, or interesting. He has the look that most associates with Iceman, but that doesn't mean he couldn't land a role as another mutant. He's very charming and likable so it'd be great to see him cast as a more prominent member, but maybe a role that isn't as much of a commitment would be more welcoming for him so he could also pursue other projects in-between.

1 Scott Eastwood As Wolverine

via parade.com

Scott Eastwood has always seemed like the guy who was already cast as a major superhero. People have considered him a great fit for the likes of Batman, Nova, and most recently Wolverine. Thanks in large part to the genes he inherited from his father, Scott Eastwood pulls off the rugged and grumpy hero-type pretty well. On the surface, he seems like a great fit to replace Hugh Jackman's iconic portrayal. At this point it has you wondering why he hasn't been cast in a superhero film yet, maybe Kevin Feige was simply waiting to bring the mutants home?

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