20 Xbox Hacks Microsoft Doesn't Want You To Know About

When it comes to game consoles, it can be argued that the Xbox has become one of the most popular since it was first released in 2001. And without a doubt, the subsequent releases of the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Live, and Kinect also resulted in remarkable success in the gaming industry.

In fact, according to figures posted on Statista, Xbox Live has seen as many as 63 million monthly active users during its third fiscal quarter of 2019. Moreover, the Xbox One console has already sold more than 42 million units around the world since its debut in November 2013.

Without a doubt, the Xbox family of products has amassed a pretty strong following since it started. And so, it’s no wonder that some Xbox fans and users are now wondering if there is any way to hack its system at all. Well, we’ve done some research of our own and found 20 Xbox hacks that you may want to check out.

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20 Create a custom mirror Xbox console

via youtube.com, OfficialMemods Channel

The folks over at Memods has found a way to create a sleek Infinite Xbox 360 custom console using mirrors. Posting a video of the entire process, the company said, “This is our 'Infinite 360' case designed and created by Memods. We wanted to create a mod unlike any other seen or done before.”

19 Custom laptop for Xbox One and Xbox 360

via youtube.com, Eddie Zarick Channel

As you may know, Microsoft eventually decided to provide backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games. However, before that happened, a man named Eddie Zarick decided to develop a custom made ‘laptop’ that was capable of housing both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. And in case you’re still interested to find out how he did it, feel free to watch his video on YouTube.

18 Run your Xbox on STEAM power

via hackaday.com

According to a post on the website Hack A Day, “It’s packing an AMD Ryzen 5 2400G processor with Radeon RX Vega 11GPU and 8GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200MHz RAM. Power is provided by a Seasonic SS-300TFX 300W, and a Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 keeps the system cool. Even with all that gear in there, the thing is probably still quieter than the stock Xbox 360.”

17 Cheat in a single player game offline

via lifewire.com

According to Hackerbot, “The good thing is that a lot of single player games allow you to play offline without having to install updates, which often allows you to use exploits in the game to get unlimited money/health ect [sic] through bugs that have not been fixed in the actual version of the game that you have on your physical disc copy of the game.”

16 Cheat in a multiplayer game online

via windowscentral.com

While using modded controllers are the way to go, Hackerbot says there is another way. However, it’s more complicated. The site explains, “The other way to hack online Xbox games is to either have a hacked console or emulator, which is possible with older consoles, but incredibly hard with the newer Xbox versions. The default Xbox (out of the box) does not allow the user to run unsigned code (aka custom applications and processes), and getting around that limitation is very hard.”

15 Use a 360 controller on an original Xbox

via youtube.com, Ryan Wendland Channel

As explained on a post on Hack A Day, “An Arduino Pro Micro, acting as a master controller, talks to a MAX3421 USB host controller, which interfaces with an Xbox 360 wireless receiver, either genuine or third-party. The Arduino reads the data from the wireless receiver and then emulates a standard controller to the original Xbox. The system can handle up to four players on wireless 360 controllers, requiring an extra Arduino per controller to act in slave mode and emulate the signals to the original Xbox.”

14 Get the classic Xbox experience

via youtube.com, Pierre Dandumont Channel

Do you remember that time when Microsoft was briefly distributing PowerMac G5s? Well, as it turns out, a man named Pierre Dadumont ended up getting his hands on one of them. Unfortunately, the drive on his was already wiped out. And so, according to Hack A Day, Dadumont proceeded to create the classic Xbox experience by utilizing some specific hardware, such as the Intel 741462-010 network card, 160 GB Seagate ST3160023AS hard drive and an ATi FireGL X3.

13 Turn your Xbox One game console into a laptop

via hackaday.com

As it turns out, there is a way to go completely mobile with your Xbox One X. In fact, according to Hack A Day, someone by the name of jomega found a way to turn a game console into a “laptop” so that it can be enjoyed while on the go. However, the post notes, “Special consideration did need to be given to cooling the 4K powerhouse though, and [jomega] warns that running the system with the case open or the fans off can have dangerous consequences.”

12 Customize the four-player indicator on your controller

via instructables.com

Did you know that the “ring of light” on your controller can be hacked to display four different colors? According to a post by QuackMasterDan on Instructables, you will need some SMD 0603 LEDs, Security Torx T8H, tweezers, silver rosin solder, copper desoldering braid, and soldering iron to make this happen.

11 Make a spare battery pack for your Xbox 360 controller

via instructables.com

If you tend to play a long time and you want to avoid game interruption because of your batteries, you can consider creating your own spare battery pack. According to a post by Cameron657 on Instructable, you will need some aluminum foil, stick tape, plain paper, thick cardboard, pen, metric ruler and a sharp cutter to do this. And once it’s done, make sure that you never mix non-rechargeable batteries with rechargeable ones.

10 Play and charge hack

via gameranx.com

If you don’t want to attempt to make your own spare battery pack, there is also an option to do a play and charge hack on your Xbox controller instead. The way to do that is by getting a Play & Charge Kit. According to Gameranx, “We personally suggest the PDP Energizer Xbox One Controller Charger. This kit will cost you $30 on Amazon and it will deliver two rechargeable batteries along with a charging station to hold two Xbox One controllers.”

9 Add an internal mic to your Xbox 360 controller

via instructables.com

According to a post by kyleishie on Instructables, you can use a small microphone from an old laptop to use as your controller’s internal mic. Otherwise, any other type of small mic would work just fine. At the same time, the other items you would need are a cotton or soft foam, hot glue gun, soldering iron, desoldering tool, small flat head screwdriver and a drill with a small drill bit.

8 Create a rapid-fire controller

via g33k-it.blogspot.com

Having a rapid-fire controller can suddenly be useful whenever you’re playing a shooting game. According to instructions by mxblankd26 on the website Instructables, this mod requires a momentary push button, small flathead or Torx t8 screwdriver, pencil tip soldering iron, rosin core solder, drill and “some sort of wire.” Everything you will need can reportedly be found at Radio Shack.

7 Create a television-independent Xbox

via hackaday.com

Imagine a scenario wherein you’ve got no access to a television screen and you badly want to play your Xbox. Well, if you can follow this hack, you shouldn’t have to worry about this situation ever. According to Hack A Day, “The build uses a 7″ TFT LCD and a Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) extension board. The screen gets 12V power from the Xbox and another set of leads are soldered directly to the composite output on the motherboard.”

6 Unlock Joe Rogan on “UFC 2”

via gamespot.com

If you’re quite anxious to unlock Joe Rogan in your “UFC 2” game, just follow these instructions from the website CheatCodes.com, “At the start screen press: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Menu (Start). If it was correctly inputted you will hear a soundbyte of Joe Rogan shouting.”

5 “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” cheats

via technoapex.ml

Today, there are so many available cheats for the “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” game. For instance, if you want to have unlimited Ammo, just press “L, R, X, R, Left, Black, R, Left, X, Down, L, L,” according to CheatCodes.com. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to see cops throughout the game, just press “B, Right, B, Right, Left, X, Y, Up.”

4 Cheat in “Madden NFL 09”

via pocket-lint.com

So far, it seems that only one cheat has been discovered for the Xbox game “Madden NFL 09.” According to CheatCodes.com, there is a simple way to activate the Live Alive Mode. Simply, “Enter this at the main page: A(2), B, Black, Left trigger(2), White.” After this, you should this mode in effect on your screen. Happy playing!

3 Utilize your HDMI input

via pcworld.com

The HDMI input is easily accessible. However, it appears that a lot of people fail to utilize it. According to Fraghero, “Well, since pretty much no one did that and it never caught on, it’s been discovered that this port works for just about anything. Hook up a PS4, Xbox 360, Chromecast, another Xbox One, anything HDMI streamed and watch it through the TV app on Xbox One.”

2 Use your smartphone as remote control

via digitaltrends.com

According to the folks at Gameranx, “All players need to do is download the Xbox One Smartglass application on their phone or tablet. From there, players can use the smartphone as an alternate remote control for a variety of applications and menu options. Furthermore, if you find yourself typing out messages to friends with the on-screen keyboard, the Xbox One Smartglass application can be another means to send out messages a whole lot quicker than using your standard Xbox One controller.”

1 Put click buttons on your analog sticks

via gamesradar.com

According to a post by user pinkpooj on the website Instructables, “This mod makes sniping is Halo and COD easy. Aiming down sight with the sniper on Halo never worked well for me. Also, when running in COD, my thumb doesn't slide off the stick as much.” For this mod, you will need several materials, including a Torx size 8-star key, two momentary normally open switches, a thin jacketed wire and more.

Reference: Statista, Hack A Day, Hackerbot, Frag Hero, Instructables


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