"Yodeling Kid" Mason Ramsey Releases His First Single

Who knew that all it would take the land a coveted Coachella gig, an esteemed Grand Ole Opry performance and a record contract with Atlantic Records and Big and Loud would be a short video filmed near the kitchen gadget aisle in Wal-Mart?

Mason Ramsey, that's who! Judging by his confident smile and 11-year-old swagger, we would guess that Ramsey knew exactly how far his vocal/yodeling skills would take him once he went viral.


Ramsey's fame is quickly snowballing and it may just be a matter of time before he becomes country music's baby-faced Justin Bieber? Could his new single Famous be the country music genre's Baby? Speaking of Bieber, the pop star was filmed in the massive crowd that turned out to hear Ramsey yodel at Coachella. After Bieber rocked out to Ramsey's cover of Hank Williams Sr.'s Lovesick Blues, he chatted up the youngster and asked him for a selfie. Ramsey was polite but seemed unimpressed for the most part. It seems like Mason Ramsey is in it for the love of music.


Dressed in his signature crisp white button up shirt, red bow tie, dark jeans, silver belt buckle and boots for tappin' (by the way, we're calling this right now as the #1 Halloween costume of 2018) Ramsey looks as calm and cool as a cucumber as he sings his 6th grade student heart out on his music video for his new song, Famous.


"If I'm gonna be known around the world/I wanna because of you, girl/Nothing wrong with the center of attention/Long as I'm with you/I don't mind the pictures/If I'm gonna be famous for somethin'/Girl, I wanna be famous for loving you/Yeah, I hope the first questions people ask me/Is how's your girl and how's your family/I could go on and on and on/Talking 'bout you for days," Ramsey sings on Famous.

Perhaps he might be a bit (make that a lot) young to have "a girl" that he loves but then again, Bieber had a "baby" at a very young age so this just kind of cements our "Country Bieber" theory. It's also refreshing to hear a young star singing about love and not getting too caught up in the fame.

In a statement given after Ramsey signed the record deal, he said, “I’d been to Nashville a few times before, but never thought something like this would happen. It’s a dream to sign with Atlantic and Big Loud. I loved recording Famous and can’t wait for everyone to hear it".

Don't let the fame change you, Mason!

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