Do Yoga With Kittens For An Adorable New Workout

Doing yoga with kittens is an adorable new workout that will make you feel physically and mentally good.

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League has created a new yoga class to help some of their adorable kittens looking for homes get adopted. 20 people take part in the 30-minute class, with 13 kittens joining in on the fun. The class is not a joke. It is a serious yoga class where kittens are running and bouncing around.

Although it sounds like it would be annoying to have kittens playing while one is trying to do yoga, the new program has had the opposite effect on participants according to Palm Beach Daily News. Even though they are breathing and stretching, each person took the time to pet and play with the adorable animals. The kittens range from six to eight weeks old, so they are literally babies.

Via Palm Beach Daily News

“We are always looking for creative ways to get people to adopt pets,” executive director and chief executive officer of Peggy Adams Animal Rescore League, Rich Anderson said when asked about the unique program.


Yoga with kittens is new, but it has success. In the first week alone, three kittens were adopted. Yes, the rescue league wishes it was more but hopes the unique workout will gain more attention. However, any animal that is adopted is a blessing, so three adoptions are better than none.

Peggy Adams Animal Rescore League is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Along with looking for new homes for the hundreds of animals they have, the organization also has five full-time veterinarians on staff, spay/neuter services, an affordable wellness clinic, and behavior and training classes.

The facility has a kitten nursery where abandoned newborns that are saved go, so they can live a good life and hopefully be adopted. There is also a room where loved ones can be with their pets before they are put down. Yes, this animal rescue league is more than adoption; it is a community that offers even more special features than the two named above.

There is a new workout for cat-lovers, yoga with kittens. Although it was created to help the kittens get adopted, working out with them is bound to bring happiness to any person. The next Kitten Yoga event is Jan. 27, 2018. Reserve a spot, $10 donation suggested, by emailing kittenyoga@peggyadams.org. What an awesome idea!


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