You Have To See The Smiling Cat Who Would Make Grumpy Cat Shudder

Clearly a far, far distant cousin to Grumpy cat, Rey is a kitten on Instagram who actually looks like she's smiling all the time. She was rescued from a shelter, and perhaps it was the possibility of a bright future, a new chance at life or simply just her sunny demeanour, but this cat is too cute for words.

3 Rey's owners weren't even looking for a cat. When her future human-mom stopped by a shelter on her lunch break, she just knew she had to have the little ball of fur and smiles

Via: rossmcgposts.tumblr.com

2 She was named Rey after the Star Wars series newest leading lady, as she is clearly just a "rey" of sunshine!

Via: express.co.uk

1 Her new family loves her, and she doesn't look too unhappy to be there either

Via: dailymail.co.uk

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