You'll Never Get Hungover With This New Synthetic Alcohol

David Nutt has confirmed that his synthetic, hangover-free alcohol could hit liquor stores in five years. More than ten years ago, Nutt wrote about this project, and he didn’t think he would be able to make so much progress in such little time. With his alcohol, people can drink their booze with less worries of hangovers and feeling sick the next morning.

Hangovers manifest in different ways depending on the person, and they’re usually more than just a headache. Symptoms are reliant on the amount you drank last night, but there are some common effects of excessive alcohol consumption: fatigue, weakness, headaches, excessive thirst, dizziness, and nausea—just to name a few. Drinking on an empty stomach and drinking darker coloured beverages may also contribute to the severity of the hangover. This can all be avoided by drinking responsibly, but a hangover-free alcoholic beverage may also make life easier.

Back in 2005, Nutt wrote about the concept of hangover-free alcohol. His research focused on the fact that alcohol affected certain brain receptors, and he found that it is possible to tweak the chemical composition to create something that won’t trigger these responses. The compound he created, alcosynth, is a synthetic version of alcohol that gives you the buzz without the negative effects the morning after. Nutt hopes that it will eventually replace traditional booze, so consumers can drink with more ease.

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Researchers were able to finally consume the alcohol mixed with fruit juice despite predicting that it will take almost 50 years before they could consume it. Nutt and his business partners have laid out a five-year plan for the alcohol, now named Alcarelle. Their goal is to raise $26 million to supply it to drink companies, and they can begin to transition into using the hangover-free alcohol.

With this technology, cocktail-lovers no longer have to worry about the kinds of alcohol mixed in their glass. Sometimes, the combination of different kinds of strong booze is what gets you, so using a synthetic alcohol that minimizes the negative effects of the beverage is a good bonus. Still, you should drink responsibly to make sure your health is in optimal condition.

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