Which Latte Art Are You Based on Your MBTI?

Latte art is the new trend taking the coffee world by storm. People just crave the cute images baristas have learned to create atop cups of coffee. Designing images from a single mixture of cream and coffee is a skill that takes quite some time to truly master. We idolize these masterpieces, wishing we could recreate them in our own homes.

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Although we can't recreate them, we can give ourselves a small piece of them by matching them with a particular latte art design, based on our MBTI. The personality and vigor of latte art differ based on the piece; it gives us a real connection with it despite our lack of artistic ability. Keep reading to find out which latte art you are!

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10 Prancing Unicorn (INFP)

This unicorn reeks of optimism, like an ENFP, with stars and flowers flowing in its predictably positive future. Unicorns seek harmony and peace in the world, just like ENFPs do.

This latte art was also very creative and inspiring, mirroring the way that ENFPs create unconventional things. ENFPs are impractical (so was the amount of time it probably took to make this latte art), as they neglect needs for their passions. You can be sure the creator of this latte definitely neglected their need to drink coffee, taking the time to make this art instead.

9 Smug Minion (ESFJ)

Minions are sensitive and warm, like any good ESFJ, caring with all their little hearts even from their frothy latte home. This minion is loyal to you, as he gives you a thumbs up to try and brighten your day.

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You feel an instant connection with the minion, similar to the connection people feel with ESFJs. This minion may come across as needy, like ESFJs, but it doesn't matter because the coffee he resides in will solve all of your problems.

8 Adorable Heart (ISFJ)

This heart is as supportive as any ISFJ, working to help you through your long day by making your morning coffee even better. It took imagination to create this heart, and ISFJs feel for it as it works to empathize with its consumer.

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ISFJs are reliable, just like the talent it took to form the heart in this delicious cup of coffee. This latte art speaks of enthusiasm, sparking the hidden ember within your soul, as any good ISFJ would do.

7 Artistic Kangaroo (ISFP)

This kangaroo is as artistic as the personality of an ISFP. The combination of spots and swirls was a brilliant move on this artist's part, something ISFPs have carefully noted so they can incorporate the design into their next project.

This kangaroo was made with passion (probably passion for kangaroos), a sentiment that ISFPs can relate to. No one could have predicted the funny swirls would have become a part of a latte kangaroo, but then again, most people can't predict what an ISFP will do next.

6 Mini Starry Night (ENFP)

This latte art was inspired by observation, a process through which many ENFPs find their passion. They don't like to stay confined in a box and neither did this latte art, as evidenced by the numerous colors in its design.

This design is super popular for its unique traits, just as ENFPs are. It may be difficult to focus on drinking this cup, in fact, as you'll be mesmerized by the incredible design. ENFPs can relate, as they ignore familiar routines.

5 Foamy R2D2 (ISTJ)

This Star Wars latte art is similar to an ISTJ, as it speaks of R2D2's strong will. The droid kept fighting for the Jedi and ISTJs can relate to this mindset.

R2D2 worked to create order in the galaxy, like ISTJs, by using his gadgets to aid in the cause. He was responsible and an integral part of their operation. ISTJs are the same way, staunchly following the guidelines they are given.

4 A Harry Potter Coffee Likeness (INTJ)

Harry Potter was able to make crucial decisions, like the INTJ, as he faced several monsters and evil wizards throughout his years at Hogwarts.

He worked hard to save his friends (as well as the entire wizarding world) from peril, which is reflected in the dedicated nature of the INTJ. He loathed homework and attending class, but so do INTJs, as they prefer to carve their own intellectual path in the world.

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Potter had a strategic mind, always coming up with plans to get somewhere he wasn't supposed to be. Any INTJ would envy his constant ingenuity.

3 Commander Thor (ENTJ)

Thor is always self-confident in his abilities, just like an ENTJ. The artist who created this piece is probably just as arrogant, as he flaunts his work of art around the office.

ENTJs are charismatic and this cup would surely pair well with that. It'd make an excellent conversation starter, for one thing. This latte could inspire the Avengers to save the world, reflecting Thor's wisdom and knowledge. ENTJs can relate to this, as they work to inspire those beneath them.

2 Fun-Loving Pikachu (ESTP)

Pikachu has always been bold. The little mouse works well with Ash, helping to capture other Pokemon like any good ESTP.

It's a sociable Pokémon despite its electric tendencies, in the same way that ESTPs use every opportunity to network with the community around them. Pikachu is very perceptive when it comes to others' feelings, a trait common to ESTPs  (they too observe changes and act upon them for their own benefit).

Pikachu may come across as insensitive sometimes, but ESTPs understand because they can accidentally hurt someone else's feelings in their zeal too.

1 Typical Charlie Brown (INFJ)

Charlie Brown is the perfect example of an INFJ, convincing others to work with him even though he almost never wins. He tries to use his strengths for good, like an INFJ, but he tends to fall short as he nears a burnout.

INFJs are almost as private as Charlie Brown is with his feelings for Peppermint Patty. He is passionate about his horrible baseball team, refusing to give up on them despite their losing streak. INFJs will never give up on their dreams either, regardless of the setbacks they face.

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