20 Yu-Gi-Oh Cards That Gave Us Nightmares As Kids

Yu-GI-Oh cards were not always the biggest deal out there in the card gaming world (especially since Magic The Gathering has always had a pretty big following... and still does). However, we certainly cannot deny the following that Yu-Gi-Oh had and still has out there. Either from the cards or the TV show.

That being said, the show seemed to shy a little bit away from the more nightmarish sorts of cards that have found their way into the game decks over the years. From creepy dolls to monstrous masks and terrifying tentacles, Yu-Gi-Oh really had a way to give us kids a fright back in the day...and that is not likely to change all that much in the future.

20 Phantom Collection


This is not the entire set of Phantom cards out there, but these are probably the best way to start out. These are somehow some of the least nightmarish cards out there. There is something about these faceless characters that instills some sort of unsettling feeling. That and having a shield and sword made of skulls is pretty creepy.

19 Tongue Twister


How often does one see a tongue that is coiled like a snake? Or one that has a singular eye? Or that has a clawed foot at its end? The thing that makes the Tongue Twister card so nightmarish is that this is a real human organ that has been transformed into something very imposing. Don't want that coming out of our mouths!

18 The 13th Grave


Skulls and skeletons are not always too creepy... well, there is always some level of creep, but still. The 13th Grave, however, with its screaming skeleton, really takes the cake when it comes to a nightmarish quality of a Yu-Gi-Oh card. There is a psychological battle that kids have with cards like these!

17 Scary Moth


Not many people, at first, would consider a cool, villainous-looking moth like this to be the stuff nightmares are made of. However, once attention is paid to the details of this creature with its tentacled backside, and fur-covered clawed legs... there is every reason why this thing should be avoided!

16 Rigorous Reaver


What is even going on here!? That is a question that surely many kids have wondered over the years. Sure, there are some of us who love this creepy stuff and really get a kick out of it, but that humanoid look with a whole face made up of a gaping slit of teeth... that definitely got more than a few kids cuddled with a night light.

15 Predaplant Spinodionaea


Most kids probably could not even say the name of this creature out loud, let alone spell it. That being said, we are reasonably sure that there were some kids back in the day who really just did not want anything to do with this Stegosaurus-meets-T-Rex-meets-venus-fly-trap creature. In terms of a nightmare, those three creatures are not something we want mixed.

14 Outer Entity Nyarla


This is probably one of the creepiest and most nightmarish of all the cards on this entire list. Sure, we only chose 20 for everyone to look at and remember, but the Outer Entity Nyarla is certainly one for the ages. And should be one for certain ages to stay away from. It's basically an octopus tree with tons of teeth-filled mouths all over it. No thanks!

13 Ojama Yellow


Sometimes, we really do have to wonder what some of the artists for Yu-Gi-Oh were thinking. It is a very bizarre person who comes up with some sort of creature like this. While there are some of the Ojamas in the series who are just kind of funny-looking, there is probably more than half that is just too creepy...

12 Tongyo (And Company)


Tongyo is certainly the creepiest and most nightmarish of these three ocean-dwelling creatures but that does not mean that the Deepsea Shark doesn't have some pull in that regard as well. And if the Bottom Dweller looked us in the eyes... pretty sure we wouldn't want that card around either!

11 Dark Necrofear


We are not sure what it is with Yu-Gi-Oh cards and the use of old porcelain dolls masks but they are used rather frequently in the series and it really is creepy. It almost doesn't matter what else is on the card because those doll faces are just too much. It also doesn't help that this card looks like mecha-Frieza from Dragon Ball... with a doll mask.

10 Dice Jar


If ever we had a jar like this for playing Yahtzee or whatever other game requires the rolling of dice, we are pretty sure that we would just stop playing the game. Imagine the slobber on the dice... not to mention that this creepy face would be staring at us the whole game long.

9 Ojama King


Another of the Ojama collection to give kids nightmares. That creepy torso for a mouth is just way too much, in our minds at least. And we are not sure what is with the attempted superhero outfit, or the eyes coming out on little tentacles but... ugh, this is just too creepy.

8 Dokuroyaiba


Who loves nothing more than to see a skull set between two razor blades with a snake crawling through it flying at them at full speed!? The answer is nobody loves something like this! Especially since this skull looks like it still has muscle attached to it, but no skin. Keep that night light on tonight!

7 Gyaku-Gire Panda


Ok, we always thought that pandas were sweet, slow-moving and giant raccoons that only ate bamboo and didn't really like to have fun-happy-time with each other very often. According to the Yu-Gi-Oh world, that is just not the case. This thing takes the everyday panda and turns it into a nightmare with Freddy claws!

6 Hey, Trunade!


We are not fully sure who Trunade is or why this creepy being is calling out to them but we are pretty sure that this is a thing we are very glad we don't see in real life. We saw it on the card and in our nightmares, and that is it... and it's difficult enough just in nightmares. The Wizard of Oz would've been very different with this over the farm in Kansas!

5 Hungry Burger


Alright, this is kind of funny and a bit of a purposeful relief from some of the other creepy cards... however, this is still a very creepy card and we are more than sure that it made some kids really second guess their Big Macs back in the day. Now, they just question the Big Macs because they're essentially poison.

4 Il Blud

via youtube.com

We're going to guess that many people checking out this article have seen A Nightmare Before Christmas. There are not many people in the nerd world who have not, we think. No, imagine if Oogie Boogie was not just a burlap sack of insects but rather a burlap sack with a giant person's face inside. That is Il Blud in a nutshell. Ah!

3 Malice Doll Of Demise

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Anyone here ever watch Child's Play? Or The Bride of Chucky? Well, imagine that but with a creepier doll and no voice over... carrying a scythe. That is what we get when we meet the Malice Doll of Demise... which sounds super positive. This guy definitely makes it onto this list and into kids' nightmares.

2 Necroface


Another creepy doll face! Why!? That is pretty much one of the staple things that Yu-Gi-Oh can do to make their fan base afraid of going out and buying a new deck of cards. We just try to imagine the first batch of kids who opened their decks and found this monstrosity! No thank you, very much!

1 Ojama Green


Again, the Ojama collection of cards can be pretty funny and even, almost, cute. But there is just something about these creatures that is really and truly the stuff that nightmares are made of. It's not like they were a particularly effective or amazing series of cards, but they have the creep factor to unsettle anyone during a match! You don't want to run into an Ojama in the middle of the night.

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