This Zoo In England Will Name A Cockroach After Your Ex For Valentine's Day

The Hemsley Conservation Centre in England will name a cockroach after your ex for Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for some harmless revenge, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. Not only are you relieving part of your broken heart, but you will also be funding an important conservation effort.

This Valentine’s Day can either be really great or really horrible for you, depending on your experiences in the past year. If things didn’t really end well, then naming your ex after a widely-detested insect could bring you a bit of satisfaction. However, if you are one of those people who love cockroaches, then perhaps naming your lover after one is a cute thing. After all, there are many people who keep the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach as a pet.

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Via: Pixabay, Assekuranz24

The zoo will name a cockroach after someone for about $2 (1.5 pounds). They will name it after anyone, as long as it’s “your, or your friend’s worthless ex-‘someone’” during the holiday. Their Facebook post also reveals that they will give you a printable certificate of the cockroach’s naming—reading: “I’ve named a cockroach at the Hemsley Conservation Centre in the not so loving memory of my worthless ex!” For some, this is the perfect Valentine’s card to receive on the 14th.

Donations for the certificate will go to funding the zoo. The centre has some endangered animals, and their breeding programs will hopefully help the species increase in number. They have various animals such as lemurs, meerkats, and kinkajous that need special care and help, so your donations will go to a good cause. Furthermore, the zoo also has animal education programs to teach kids about the importance of protecting the environment, and they even have projects to allow young animal-lovers to shadow a zookeeper.

Via: Pixabay, Beeki

The opportunity to name a cockroach after your ex is a good idea for the 14th of February because it’s for a good cause and will provide some emotional relief. While you won’t get the opportunity so squash that cockroach (you probably shouldn’t encourage violent behaviour), you will have the peace of mind knowing that something fiercely hated is named after your ex—just like they probably are in your life.

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